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Composing, Foley Artist, Sound Editor, Sound Engineer, Voice Actor

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About Yotam Sigwalt

Sound designer | UK

Innovative and passionate Sound Designer, Foley Artist, Producer and Musician with several years of experience ion the music industry, creating unique and creative sound for private clients and commercial companies. Experienced working with a variety of clients and music genres. Bringing forth a commitment to creating music that fits the employer’s needs, enhances production and with an eagerness for new learning opportunities.

Finished Leeds Conservatoire College of Music with a BA Honours Degree in Music Production with Popular.

Enthusiastic and passionate individual, striving to evolve in several areas of music post-production and sound design. Eager to learn, improve and deliver professional projects. Friendly personality, strong social circle and a good listener, implementing all sociological and musical knowledge in my practice.


Year Project name Client Role
2021 Kalao.io Citadel Kalao.io Sound Designer and Composer
2021 Podcast, Sound Design and Composition Trader Joe Sound Engineer and Audio Editor
2020 Advertisment Magnet DAO Magnet DAO Sound Designer for an Advertisement
2020-Present Advertsiments, Animations, Foley and Composing Hessyz Music Composer, Foley Sound Designer
2007-2013 French Book Voice Acting Bendito Sonido Voice Actor

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