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Songwriting, mixing, mastering, audio designing, Dialogue, videography

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About Alan Paul Cohen

Composer | The Vanabond | UK

I was born in Mexico in 1992, son of an Egyptian businessman, and Mexican actress, brother of international DJ Betoko.

Because of my multicultural heritage, and spending my years in Mexico, the UK, and the Middle East, I have developed an interest in creating music using instruments and sounds from around the world.

Started playing the drums at a very young age, at age 24 I was touring Mexico drumming for the multiplatinum pop band “LU”.

But I had a dream to write and perform his own compositions.

I then became the lead singer, guitarist, and main composer of a few different bands, and recorded 4 studio albums, with big names in the Mexican music industry, such as Leonardo de Lozanne, Poncho Toledo, Mauricio Garza, and others.

I will never cease to experiment with new sounds and different forms of music, which has lead to becoming a solo artist putting all his experience and musical knowledge into a one multi-instrumental solo act.

As described above music is my reason for living, however I have expanded in the skills of video and post production to be able to compete in this world.


Year School Course
2020 2022 BA In Music Production
2022 2023 MA In Popular Music Practice

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