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Specializes in:

SFX libraries

Other skills

game audio integration, sound design

Highlighted references

• The Shadowborn

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About Dawid Moroz

Field recordist | Soundholder | Poland

Soundholder was founded by self-taught sound designer Dawid Moroz in 2015 as a result of evolving passion to sound effects. His journey with sound started in 2010 when he came across Celldweller and ProTools for the very first time. After months of experiments with sound in 2012, he got a chance to work as an intern in a recording studio. After completing the internship he got a job in the same studio as an assistant. In 2013 he was asked to record sound effects for a mobile game, and that’s where the all started. Since that moment in time, he worked as a sound designer for Artists Entertainment company, where he designed sound effects for different games, including the award winning game called The Shadowborn (best game in 1ndie World competition, and first place for best game production in Indie Showcase during Digital Dragons 2015 game convent). Today apart from working on sound libraries, he’s designing sounds for upcoming short movie written and directed by Catero Alain Colbert starring Michelle Rodriguez and Lukas Haas.

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