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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound design, Game audio integration, Composing,

Highlighted references

• Gameolic
• Eurobet
• Play spirit games

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About Edoardo Nicodemo

Composer | Jobbe 3.14 soundesign | Italy

We are specialized in postproduction, multichannel audio soundtracks and sound fx for games | mobile | adv | trailers.

We are 2, Edoardo and Davide, both musicians | composers | sound designers that work together because we share the same ideas.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Nescafè | 10 anos Nescafè® Dolce gusto® NESCAFÉ Composer
2016 The journey of Mr. Moncler MONCLER Composer
2016 Tantra Rumble GDC 2016 Trailer GAMEOLIC Composer, Sound designer
2017 Startupedia logo STARTUPEDIA Sonic branding
2016 Behind the scenes – Hrithik Roshan – Advertising Campaign | Rado RADO Composer, sound designer
2016 Ugly Monkey Adventures Episode 1 – Enter The Ugly Monkey UGLY MONKEY ADVENTURES Composer, sound designer
2019 Traxalt TRAXALT Sonic branding
2019 Planets arcade BONARDI GAMES Composer, sound designer
2018 Hunters war MADCOW STUDIO Composer, sound designer
2018 Amnesia PARACCHINI LABS Composer, sound designer
2018 Tantra rumble GAMEOLIC Composer, sound designer
2018 Huawei GT HUAWEI ARABIA Composer, sound designer
2019 Bigen RITC BEAUTY Composer, sound designer
2019 Ramadan’s hero BUPA ARABIA Composer
2019 Mexican fiesta EUROBET ITALIA Composer, sound designer
2019 Lucky 50s EUROBET ITALIA Composer, sound designer
2019 Corsaro nero EUROBET ITALIA Composer, sound designer
2018 Clicker racing NO POWER UP Composer
2018 Pilot perils EXCALISOFT Composer, sound designer
2018 Trendhim TRENDHIM Sonic branding
2019 Nove microphones NOVE MICROPHONES Sonic branding
2019 Viduals VIDUALS Sonic branding


Year School Course
2004 CPM Professional drummer
2010 SAE Bachelors of Audio production
2017 Audiokinetic Wwise certification 101

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