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Game audio

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Audio integration, music composition

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About Etienne Dube

Sound designer | Canada

I am Étienne Dubé, I am a Montreal-based sound designer and audio programmer for video games. As a graduate from Concordia University’s Electroacoustic program, I am dedicated to explore the relationship between my various passions. For me, video game sound-design is a sweet combination of problem solving and creativity. My goal is to contribute to an exciting player experience and try to replicate for others what originally sparked my own lifelong obsession.

I have competed in various FPS games over the years, however, I have a deep appreciation for well-made video games of any genres. With expertise in various sound design techniques, recording and integration, I am always looking to explore new possibilities and opportunities. I am currently seeking a full-time position in a game studio.


Year Project name Client Role
2022 Kaleidoscope Wallstop Studios Sound Designer
2022-now Unsure Grimtech Creatives Sound Designer


Year School Course
2022 Concordia University Electroacoustics Major

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