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Game audio

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Game audio integration, Field recoding, Audio editing, Film Audio

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About Etienne Marque

Sound designer | France

6 years of experience in video games and animated films. I love making noise and telling stories.

Skills :
– Imagine and create sounds to support stories, characters, improve feedback and immersion of players / spectators.
– Sound implementation and mix of linear and interactive projects.
– Establish and understand a technical chart of multimedia projects.
– Make sure that projects works properly (qualitatively and without bugs).
– Find simple and creative solutions for technical problems and time constraints.
– Interactive audio system design and implementation.
– Abilities to adapt, learn and communicate.
– Able to work under pressure.
– Teamwork.
– Curious and hardworking, like sharing and learning.

– Audio recording, design and editing
– Tools and audio engine design
– Technical Implementation
– Audio engine : WWise, FMOD, XACT
– Audio software : pro tools, reaper, sony vegas, soundforge, pure-data, reaktor
– Pipeline production, plannings

– Relationship between sound and storytelling
– Surround, ambisonic, 3D virtual sound, holophonic, binaural
– Sound synthesis
– Procedural audio
– Psychoacoustic


Year Project name Client Role
2016 Abraca Ankama Lead sound designer
2015 King Tongue Ankama Lead sound designer
2015 Steredenn Pixelnest Studio Lead sound designer
2015 Dofus – Livre I Ankama Sound designer, Field recordist
2015 Krosmaster Ankama Lead sound designer

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