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Game audio

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Game audio integration(FMOD), Composing, Sound recording, SFX creation

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Sound designer | Russia

I am Eugene, at this moment i am 30 years old. Currently i am working in the MyTona company as a sound designer and a composer. MyTona is developer and publisher mobile and PC games.
In my duties:
1. Creating sound for games
2. Composing, mixing music for games and video
3. Soundover of video
4. Sound implementation into FMOD
5. Field recording
6. Work on concept of sound in game
7. Communication with other departments of developing

I accept part on work with our audio team in games: Riddle side: Fading Legacy, Cooking Diary, Crooked Pines, Seeker Notes: Hidden Mystery and others.

My passion to games appeared when i was a teenager. For my music taste especially had impact games like: Heroes series(from 2 to 4 part), Total War: Rome, Fallout series.
From literatures and film i like much “Lord of the rings”. In some espaciall point i am thought it’s the greatest works of art at film and literature sence.
I will glad to conversations. Be free to direct message to me.
All the best,

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