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Game audio

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Composer, Game Audio Integration, Sound Engineer

Highlighted references

• Don’t Make Love, Maggese, IGF finalist as “Best Student Games”
• Confessions, Peace & Love Games

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Sound designer | UK
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I attended the “Music Production” course at “Scuola di Alto Perfezionamento Musicale” in Saluzzo, thanks to which I started an internship at Studio Soundlab in Bologna – a production studio specialized in jazz and ethnic music. In the meantime, I joined the videogame development team Maggese as composer and sound designer.

Eventually, I moved to Manchester and starts studying Popular Music and Recording at the University of Salford. During this period, I worked on the music of several short films, such as “Fuoco Freddo” and “Virginia” – premiered at the Laceno d’oro International Film Festival – and continued to collaborate with Maggese, working on the videogame “Don’t Make Love”, finalist at the Independent Game Festival in San Francisco, at the Italian Video Game Award in Milan, and at the A Maze Festival in Berlin.

Being influenced by a lot of different musical genres (jazz, rock, electronic, metal, ethnic and so on), my musical style is in continuous evolution. Among my major influences, there are artists such as Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Bonobo, resulting in a propensity in writing ambient/minimalist electro-acoustic music.


Year Project name Client Role
2017 Don’t Make Love Maggese Composer, Sound Designer
2016 Virginia (Italian Short Movie) Alessandro Guerriero (director) Composer, Sound Designer
2016 If Winter Ends Maggese Composer
2015 Total Eclipse of Your Wasteland Maggese Composer
2018 The Fractures In Your Mind Maggese Sound Designer, Composer
2021 Confessions Peace & Love Games Sound Designer, Composer


Year School Course
2019 University of Salford Popular Music and Recording bachelor degree
2015 APM School of Saluzzo Music Production Technician

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