Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound Design, Voice Foley, Singer, Multi-Instrumentalist.

Highlighted references

• It’s Time, Relax Gaming
• MTV Adria Top List 1st Place

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FAQ, About

About Ivan Belosevac

Composer | Devotion Studios | Serbia

A passionate music composer and performer, sound designer, voice Foley artist, VO artist and musician, with over two years of audio production experience and nine years of experience in music composition.

I’ve been involved in many music projects both as a producer and as a performer.

I play four instruments (keyboard, bass, guitar and drums) and am a very capable singer.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 It’s Time Relax Gaming Composer, Musician
2019 Devotion Studios Junior Sound Designer, Composer, Musician, Voice Foley


Year Award Awarded for
2017 1st MTV Adria Top List for the TxI song Novi Dan


Year School Course
2019 Belgrade Polytechnic Industrial Design

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