Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Performing, Singing, Studio music recording

Highlighted references

• Soul Reavers 1 and 2, Crystal Dynamics
• Project Redwood (Unreleased), Slipgate/Gazillion
• Resistance: Burning Skies, Nihilistic Software, Inc.

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FAQ, About

About Kurt Harland Larson

Audio director | Machine Zone | USA | California

I started his career in audio in the pre-MIDI, pre-computer, New-Wave days of 1982 with the formation of the all-electronic band Information Society. After recording and performing for 10 years, he made the move into game audio and has worked for and at various game companies since 1994. I have held audio design or director positions at Crystal Dynamics, Electronic Arts, Slipgate-Gazillion, Nihilistic Software, kixeye, and Machine Zone. I have done everything from sound-effects design to project management and everything in-between. In addition to having a great deal of experience with the basic tasks of asset creation and implementation, I also specialize in working with programmers to develop audio tech and tools, and starting new audio departments from scratch. I am a highly *technical* audio designer who knows the importance of a good text editor and version-control software as much as audio middleware and digital audio workstations.


Year Project name Client Role
2000 Soul Reaver Crystal Dynamics Composer, Sound designer
2003 Whiplash Crystal Dynamics Composer, Sound designer
2011 PlayStation Move Heroes Nihilistic Software, Inc. Audio Lead
2012 Resistance: Burning Skies Nihilistic Software Audio Lead
2020 CrystalBorne Machine Zone Audio Lead


Year Award Awarded for
1990 ASCAP Pop Award Songwriting
1989 RIAA Gold Record Record sales

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