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Specializes in:

Game audio

Other skills

Sound design, music production, beatmaker, mix & master

Highlighted references

• Lux Ex
• Astral Kid
• FutBill

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FAQ, About

About Leonardo Porto Passos

Composer | Ihy Sonic Game Audio Studio | Brazil

Ihy Sonic is a brazilian studio specialized in music composition and sound effects design for video games.
Our mission is to collect collectables, kick the boss and save the princess (or the prince).

What we do?

We make music / soundtracks for video games. And we also design the sound effects, from the sound of the jump and the SFX for the selection in the menu to that cavernous voice of the huge final boss.

Who we are?

My name is Leonardo Porto Passos, 41, better known as Leo. In addition to being the founder of Ihy Sonic, I am music producer, beatmaker, sound designer and composer. I play electric guitar and keyboard. I am also a writer, screenwriter and game designer. My greatest passions are: games, music, literature, movies, comics, martial arts, skateboarding, beer, my two cats, my dear wife and my beautiful little daughter.


Year Project name Client Role
2018 Lux Ex Ilex Gamex Composer and sound designer
2018 Astral Kid Ilex Games Composer
2018 FutBill Kleber Andrade Composer and sound designer


Year School Course
2018 Game Audio Academy Game Audio
2018 Game Audio School Game Music & Game SFX

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