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Sound designer | USA | Michigan

I’m a Video Game SFX Artist from Michigan! Thanks for checking out my page!

Growing up, I played piano, composed, and recorded music. I also liked playing video games, and put many hours into Nintendo DS titles like Rhythm Heaven and Pokemon HeartGold. I went to study music and sound engineering in college thinking I would work in a recording studio, but then, during my second year of university, I discovered game audio. I joined a student-run game development club called WolverineSoft Studio, at the recommendation of a friend. Even I didn’t know anything about game audio or game development, I loved tinkering with synthesizers and creating experimental new sounds in my music. After I created my first sound effects for a WolverineSoft Studio game, I realized that sound design for games is extremely creative, and I thrived in it.

Great game audio is critical to an immersive player experience. It is a facet of production in the earlier phases of development when brainstorming ideas for making environments, player characters, NPCs, and more. I love how sound effects influence game development and players’ interactions with games.

During my spare time, I might be playing a board game, listening to birds, reading a book, or as of recently, watching ubanist youtube content (Not Just Bikes).

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or shoot me an email at I’d be happy to chat! I’ve recently graduated from college and am open to work.


Year School Course
2022 University of Michigan Performing Arts Technology

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