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About Manuel Laval

Sound designer | Manuel Laval Sounddesign | Germany

I love my work!

While still at school in the 70‘s and later at university, I began working with experimental electronic music. But at that time professional equipment was incredible expensive and the sounds that could be made using borrowed and self made instruments were very limited, so I couldn‘t continue.

Later on, as a production sound mixer and sound designer, I did a thorough investigation of various sounds. In film, it is possible to convey moods and feelings with the help of sound in two ways: through music or atmosphere (ambience) and noise.

Ideally both elements compliment each other and a synthesis is created. It should no longer be possible to tell which sound belongs to which element. And it is this which prevents the usual film music cliché (background violins in love scenes, horror sounds and bass to develop tension) and creates an individual style for each film.

This whole process can be achieved by having one person work out atmosphere, effects and music or by close cooperation between the sound designer, sound editor and musician. As a result mood support becomes more intense. The music, having been develop from real sounds, is also more subtle. Some new life force is created by the film itself and from its sounds. The use of equipment originally intended for creating sound effects (not a lot of midi), results in music which is fresh, new and sounds different.

Experimentation is unlimited. The musical material which I make use of ranges from classical (Erik Satie) to Jazz, Techno, Trance and Ambient.

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