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Sound designer | Russia

I’m a sound designer with a huge passion for video games and game audio. Began my career from a boom operator, sound for tv series, advertising and television. Then continued in the creation of sound design and implementation for games.


Year Project name Client Role
2007 The Mad Woman Star Media Sound Editor
2007 Extraterrestrial (“Grand Remi Award” WorldFest Houston Film Festival) Star Media Sound Editor
2011 Last Hero TV series in Panama Mastiff Boom Operator
2013 Ballad of Solar Alawar Sound Designer
2013 Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at War Alawar Sound Designer
2014 The Beardless Wizard Alawar Sound Designer
2015 Sphere 3 GameXP.com Skills Sound Design
2015 Astro Lords: Oort Cloud Aratog LLC Sound Designer
2016 Under Control RJ Games Weapon Sound Design
2016 Tabletopia Tabletopia Inc. Sound Designer
2017 Harrowed Halls: Hell’s Thistle Daily Magic Sound Designer, Music Editor
2017 Yuletide Legends: Frozen Hearts Daily Magic Sound Designer, Music Editor
2018 Panzer Strategy Starni Games Sound Designer
2018 Witching Tower VR Daily Magic Sound Designer, Integration
2020 Papumba Academy Papumba Sound Designer, Composer
2019 EWA: Learn English Lithium Lab UI Sound Design
2020 Idle Frenzied Hospital Azur Games Lead Sound Designer
2020 Robot Warfare Azur Games Lead Sound Designer
2020 Jurassic Monster World Azur Games Lead Sound Designer
2021 World of Tanks Blitz Wargaming.net Senior Sound Designer
2021 Unannounced Project Wargaming.net Senior Sound Designer
2022 Caliber 1C Game Studios Sound Designer


Year Award Awarded for
2017 White Nights Game Industry Awards «Sound in Games» at Universemusic Studio
2015 White Nights Game Mobile Awards «Sound & Music in Games» at Universemusic Studio


Year School Course
2009 National University of Culture and Arts Sound Engineering
2003 Economic Business College Music Editor

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