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Foley, Editing, Game Audio Integration, Composing, Mixing

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About Michael Horton

Sound designer | USA | California

As an award-winning Foley artist and sound designer I’m capable of far more than putting a foot to a surface. I have created giant monster vocals and destructive footsteps, sentient fireballs and vortexes of sand.

I oversee every step of the sound creation process from start to finish – cueing, performing, recording, editing, mixing and final asset delivery. I’m responsible for schedule creation, developing workflows, team management and client interfacing with Academy-Award-winning supervisors like Richard King and Mark Mangini.

Original sound performance and creation is my forte, but I also have experience creating dynamic backgrounds, and using various effects, vocoders and synthesizers to produce new and engaging otherworldly and magical effects. I built a portable ProTools recording kit for recording in sync to picture, and allowing me to organize field recordings on the fly instead of sorting through wild recordings later.

I’m Wwise certified and very interested in working in game audio. When my ears aren’t tired, I create music on trackers like Renoise by controlling various synthesizers and vintage gaming consoles like the original Gameboy and NES.

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Year Award Awarded for
2020 Golden Reel – Winner Togo
2023 Golden Reel – Nominee Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
2020 Golden Reel – Nominee Guava Island
2019 Golden Reel – Nominee The Haunting of Hill House
2014 Golden Reel – Nominee Tron: Uprising

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