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Game audio

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Audio integration, Field Recording, Voiceover Editing, Music Composinn

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Sound designer | Portugal

[email protected]

My name is Miguel Neves, and I’m a 20 year old Portuguese sound professional studying Music Technology in Coventry University!

I’m very eager to learn more about sound design and sound treatment for film and games. I am very interested in multiple positions, from foley artist, to sound editor to sound design/composer. I love film, games and music, so doing all is what makes me keep going. I’m currently working on 3 games with Utopian Game Labs, and doing a lot of projects on the side for myself, learning more about sound design doing re-designs, studying and learning how to implement audio into games using Unreal and Unity, integrated with FMOD and Wwise, doing a lot of voice editing also for my internship and participating in Game Jams.

What I can do for you?

-Sound Design
-Audio Editing (Voice Overs, Podcasts, Film)
-Field Recording (SFX Libraries)
-Music Composition


Year School Course
2023 Coventry University BSc Music Technology

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