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Specializes in:

Film audio

Other skills

Rerecording mixer, Sound designer, Sound editor, Sound mastering

Highlighted references

• Gepack
• Splashback
• Nebesa pod Triglavom

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About Tim Žibrat

Composer | Zibrat Studio | Slovenia

I’m a bit of a chameleon in the sonic world. I often work as a film composer and have written over 20 hours of music for film, as well as a sound designer where I’ve worked on over more than 200 projects, ranging from commercials to theatrical feature films. I wouldn’t praise myself as being good at everything, although I often solve problems in every sound department.

One thing I can honestly guarantee is that I give my best for each and every project, no matter the budget. One of the driving factors is definitely beauty, not meaning cheesy shots and sounds, but something awe inspiring. When it comes to music, I try to incorporate more melodies, themes and motifs than I hear in films nowadays, not meaning that I do better music than other composers (although I’m sure I sometimes hit the mark), but that my goal is to create unique and beautiful music, that stands on it’s own but most importantly, still serves the film first.

Although AI is more and more prevalent, I am proud to have written this on my own, no matter how unstructured and messy it is. 🙂


Year Project name Client Role
2024 Gepack Žiga Kukovič Sound designer, composer, rerecording mixer
2024 Splashback Slice of life films Composer, Rerecording mixer
2023 Nebesa pod Triglavom Studio Siposh Rerecording mixer, Sound designer, Composer
2023 Šepet metulja Almedia Sound designer, Composer, Rerecording mixer
2023 Nekaj sladkega Tin Vodopivec Sound designer, Rerecording mixer
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