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Composer | shadowspacemusic | Netherlands

S h a d o w s p a c e is the alter ego for musician Wabe Wieringa, who currently resides in Utrecht, the Netherlands;

“Many moons ago I grew up in a musically rich environment, and it was quickly decided a proper instrument belonged to me. Whilst learning to play the guitar I drowned myself in a variety of artist and music styles. At home the audio system played Pink Floyd or Jean Michel Jarre, my syblings listened to Genesis and Synth pop and growing up i rebelled and listened to Metal and Industrial sounds. Soon i learned music oozed out of me. Rock bands conquered my mind and i started to explore own sounds. At the age of 16 I produced my own mix of metal and electronic music.

A proper education followed. I studied and graduated in Music Production (2006 – 2010) at Codarts, the Rotterdam Conservatoire. There I met an abundance of awesome musicians and soon my very first serious music project started; Sky Architect. As of today we released 4 full length progressive rock albums to much acclaim and play live around the globe. A career as a successful music producer and mixing engineer as well as a respected music teacher followed.

Synthesizer music always sticked with me and in the summer of 2017, I gave life to
s h a d o w s p a c e , the living embodiment of the electronic music composer in me. Soon I released three original synthwave tracks, the first of many more to come.
A s h a d o w s p a c e live band is posed to hit the stages soon.

The birth of s h a d o w s p a c e initiated the spark to follow the longtime ambition to become a respectable music composer. ”


Year School Course
2010 Codarts, Rotterdam Music Production

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