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About Anna Zhukova

Sound designer | Russia

Hello! My name is Anna, I’ve been studying soundengineering for 5 years in the Moscow State Institute of Culture and I’ve graduated in 2020. When I was starting I had known a lot about possibilities of music but nothing about the power of the sound itself. And after few years I was captivated by the idea of creating live interactive sound worlds and how the sound helps to get the right experience in games. Now I’m working on my sound designing and implenentation skills (for the last I’m using Unreal Engine 4). I have enough knowledges and experience in recording, synthesising and processing sounds, time to put all of this together with the love for videogames and step into the new level! Please, check my demo reel with sound redesigning of Mass Effect, wich I did with a huge love to the Mass Effect series:


Year School Course
2015 Moscow State Institute of Culture Soundengineering

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