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Film audio

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composing, arranging, recording, mixing, vocals, viola, koto

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About Kathryn Henzler

Composer | USA

A singer, composer, and recording engineer who also plays piano, viola, harmonica, guitar, koto (a traditional Japanese instrument), taiko and other Japanese percussion, and harp.

She holds a B.A. in East Asian Languages and Cultures, with an emphasis in Japanese from the University of Southern California (2013) and an M.Mus in Music Technology and Digital Media from University of Toronto (2017).

Kathryn specializes in music for short films and animation, having started composing for animation schools in 2009 and branching out to her first live action short film with “Test Stress” in 2014. She has had two films premiere at the Digi60 Film Festival, and she currently is a composer with Velvet Green Music in Santa Monica.

Aside from scoring for film, Kathryn writes art songs and music for theatre and performs as a guest member of the Canada Chikushikai Koto Ensemble.

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Year School Course
2013 University of Southern California B.A. East Asian Languages and Cultures
2017 University of Toronto MMus Music Technology and Digital Media

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