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25 years’ experience in music, production and/or TV or film industry

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About Selam Katana

Composer | Space Park Studio | Germany

I am a professional artist and have been a live music performer for over 30 years. The Industry in which I was primarily active in was set in Eastern Europe and the Balkan Region. After 2007 my desires have changed and I decided to produce several cinematic movie trailers, short films, commercials and my own music. I truly developed a passion for music because it has been around my live all the time. I like to travel and I am ready to take on new challenges that push me out of my comfort zone. I am involved in different Music/Film/Music clips productions, working as a composer and sound designer/ engineer. I have my own Studio which I have been taking care of for over 25 years where I’m composing and mixing various types of music. My interests and experiences lie in the production of movies and music and all the different aspects that they entail into. I have worked closely with national and international artists and agencies to produce movies. By working with many musicians around the world, I have collected a lot of experience in various cultural types of music and have learned how to record and produce these styles and instruments.

09/2008 – 07/2009 Academy Bavarian education
BAF / for television Munich TV-­‐ production, management
09/90 – 95 Audio Engineering School of Arts
09/85 – 06/89 University of arts, Banja Luka ­Dipl. Director of Photography
Language: Serbo-Croatian, German, English

experience in music, production and/or TV or film industry
Years of excellent knowledge in DAW’s and recording software like Logic Pro, Pro tools etc.
Years of excellent knowledge of building sound samples and sound design
Experience with cinematic and abstract and foley sound design
Very good Skills in recording of Live orchestra, SFX, foley in studio environments
Broad knowledge with film dubbing and post-production
Years of experience in film scoring and composing music for TV and film trailers
Years of excellent knowledge of building sound samples and sound design
Years of experience with Orchestra Recording and team work with Musical over the world.


Year Project name Client Role
2019 Maserati Levante Storm Larte Design Composer , Sound designer
2010 Mike Lenn Short Movie Composer Sound engineer
2018 Show reel Necvision Media House Composer Producer
2020 Submission Spitfire Audio/HBO Westword Composer


Year School Course
1989 School of Arts, Banja Luka
 Director of Photography
1995 Audio Engineering School of Arts
2009 Film & Tv Producer Bavarian academy for film and television

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