20 great new audio jobs at PlayStation, Molinare, Maxis, Formosa Interactive, Streamland Media, Bungie, Bluepoint Games, The Sandbox Game, Pixelogic, Flying Wild Hog, Gearbox, PTW, Blizzard, Sega Europe, Ubisoft Pune, Lionbridge, krADAR, Machine, and Phoenix Labs

By November 16, 2022Audio Jobs
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We came across interesting new jobs at Bluepoint Games, The Sandbox Game, Pixelogic, and Flying Wild Hog – and they’re looking for an Audio Director (TX, US), Audio Designer (Canada), Audio Production Manager (CA, US), and Senior Sound Designer (Poland).

We also found openings for an Audio Intern at Gearbox (TX, US), Audio Engineer at PTW (CA, US), Music Production Intern at PlayStation (CA, US), Associate Producer Voice-Over at Blizzard Entertainment (CA, US), Audio Artist II at Maxis (CA, US), Audio Programmer at Sega Europe (Bulgaria), Sound Designer at Ubisoft Pune (MAH, India), Audio Production Assistant at Lionbridge (Germany), Audio Director at Phoenix Labs (BC, Canada), Audio Programmer at The Sandbox Game (Canada), Sound Designer at Bungie (Remote / WA, US), and Associate Sound Designer at Formosa Interactive Seattle (WA, US).

Bonus: The Audio Jobs Facebook and LinkedIn groups also have opportunities for a Re-Recording Mixer at Streamland Media (England), Senior Sound Designer at Molinare (England), ADR Coordinator at krADAR (England), and Audio Producer at Machine (England). Happy job hunting!

Highlight – sound stories this week:


Audio Director
Company: Bluepoint Games
Location: Austin, TX, US
Job description

Bluepoint Games has begun the exciting work of original development and seeks passionate, industry-leading talent to join our pursuit of consistently crafting Game of the Year quality experiences. Our studio is renowned for critically acclaimed titles that exceed what the world expects of us, most recently the PS4 remake of Shadow of the Colossus and the PS5 launch title Demon's Souls.

We are looking for an Audio Director who is eager to seize the opportunity to build an audio department from the ground up. We want your expertise to join our leadership team, owning the creative direction and technical implementation of the audio experience. You will become proficient with our proprietary game engine tools and production processes, influencing their evolution to enable Bluepoint Game to become known for best-in-class audio. With cutting edge tech and surrounded by great talent, you will direct in-house and external audio designers towards crafting industry-defining audio experiences.

  • Work with other project directors to develop, maintain, and execute on the creative and technical vision for the game through a synthesis of visuals and audio
  • Establish quality requirements for the audio experience
  • Ensure the creation of all sound assets and the implementation of them achieve the established quality bar
  • Learn, maintain, and raise the standards for all sound asset implementation within all pipelines
  • Collaborate with the writers and narrative team to ensure VO and cutscene audio process maintains continuity and high quality
  • Participate in and oversee all narrative and music sessions
  • Lead the implementation of audio assets to ensure continuity and quality.
  • Collaborate with content creators of other disciplines to enhance the gameplay experience through audio
  • Work with Production to ensure schedules are achievable and appropriate steps are taken to overcome all challenges as they arise
  • Select and supervise external sound designers and composers
  • Oversee the final mix for the game
Minimum Qualifications
  • 7+ years of experience in audio for AAA games
  • 2+ shipped games as Audio Lead or Director
  • Passion for game audio and the drive to implement top-rated game quality results
  • Ability to quickly become proficient with proprietary game engine tools and production processes
  • Working knowledge of the game production pipeline in order to communicate effectively with team members
  • Working knowledge of game engine and design tools, especially as they relate to audio
  • Experience working with external vendors and setting budgets and schedules with those resources
  • Expertise with Wwise
  • Possess strong time and team management skills
  • Must be friendly, assertive, and open-minded
The ideal candidate shall also have:
  • Knowledge of current generation AAA games, their soundscapes and effects
  • Knowledge of tools and pipelines used by current high-end game companies for cutting edge audio effects
  • Technical ability to concept special audio effects in high-end programs for purposes of communicating concepts to the Game Director, artists, and engineers.
  • Ideas of how to improve existing audio effects processes
Source: GameJobs.co
Audio Designer
Company: The Sandbox Game
Location: Canada
Job description

Step into the Metaverse and be part of the new era of gaming!

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their own 3D gaming experiences on the Ethereum blockchain. We are building a deeply immersive gaming virtual world metaverse where creators get the chance to make games next to gaming giants and brands such as Snoop Dogg, The Walking Dead, Atari, Tony Hawk, The Smurfs, and many more.

We are looking for a passionate and experienced Sound Designer to join our audio team.

  • Conceptualize, design, create and deliver sound effects;
  • Work with the Audio Director to help define the audio vision;
  • Create audio asset lists for the objects and characters in the game;
  • Edit, design, and process voice-over recordings;
  • Conduct foley and field recording when needed;
  • Aid setting up interactive audio system for SFX, music, and VO;
  • Implement audio assets into the sound engine and manage integration structure and parameters.
  • 3+ years of experience in AAA sound design, with at least one shipped title;
  • Knowledge of all aspects of audio production, foley, field recording, editing, voice design, and mixing;
  • Ability to self-manage and organize high-volume audio assets;
  • Expert knowledge of audio middleware such as Wwise and Fmod is essential;
  • Being on top of the field in new technologies such as plugins, sound libraries, synthesis, ambisonics recording & mixing, and interactive sound integration;
  • Advance knowledge of DAWs (i.e., Reaper, Nuendo, Protools, etc.);
  • A portfolio showcasing sound design in games is required;
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English;
  • A passion for games.
  • Music production and editing skills
  • Experience working with Unity
  • Multichannel mixing (5.1, 7.1, and Atmos)
  • Knowledge of audio and studio equipment
  • Working knowledge of Jira and/or similar tools
Source: Devbrada
Audio Production Manager
Company: Pixelogic
Location: Burbank, CA, US
Job description

The audio and media operations manager will be responsible for overseeing and scheduling jobs related to audio and media post-production services. Primary responsibility includes managing the production and scheduling of a team that prepares or creates localized media content. Content may be in the form of audio, video, or timed text. This includes Pro Tools audio sessions, video reference content, media packages, and audio archive material. Candidate would have a strong understanding and depth of knowledge of Pro Tools and other multimedia tools. The Production Manager would be working with and supporting all audio types and configurations, including Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1. The job requires the candidate to have an expertise in localized multi-language dubbed audio content. A strong understanding of video types, codecs, timecode formats, frame rates, containers, and various video file types is required. An understanding of subtitles and closed captions is required. Candidate will be required to effectively communicate with clients, employees and management. Along with a perfectionist mindset, the job requires that the candidate is required to have exceptional organizational and time management skills.

We offer a competitive compensation package, flexible work schedules, and ample room for professional development.

  • Bachelor degree or equivalent trade specific education
  • 7+ years in audio post-production or media service projects for film and tv
  • 2+ year of being in a supervisor or management position in audio
  • 5+ years of experience working with localized audio and subtitles
  • Excellent Pro Tools operational skills, including the use of video in Pro Tools
  • Non-linear video workstation editor skills
  • Excel and other MS Office application software
  • Excellent communication skills over phone and email
  • Deep sense of urgency and ability to work in a fast-paced environment with self-direction
  • Problem solver with creative and innovative approach and ability to think out of the box
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Strong skills with Mac OS and Microsoft Office Suite
  • Familiarity with other media applications such as Adobe Suite and Final Cut Pro
Physical Requirements
  • Ability to continuously sit in an office chair
  • Ability to operate and work in front of a computer in an audio room setting
About Pixelogic

Pixelogic products and services span the digital spectrum, from enhanced extras packages promoting digital purchase to physical disc authoring. Our clients include virtually all the major Hollywood studios and dozens of independent studios. To date, we’ve delivered thousands of titles to iTunes, Google, Netflix, Amazon, and others. We’ve created a large percentage of iTunes Extras titles available on the App Store, developed the specification of and delivered the first Cross-Platform Extras titles, authored more than eight-thousand DVDs, two-thousand Blu-rays, as well as award-winning tablet and mobile apps. Experience start-up momentum with us and be part of building innovative solutions to service our clients in the entertainment industry with their media distribution needs. Join us if you’re passionate about entertainment, innovation and customer service excellence!

Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer. Our employment decisions are made without regard to race, religion, color, gender, gender identity, disability, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, citizenship, veteran, military, or any other legally protected status.

Senior Sound Designer
Company: Flying Wild Hog
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Job description


We are a team of top-tier and dedicated developers, designers, programmers, and artists who make our studio a creative and devoted workplace. We only work on games we believe in – sharing our excitement and fully committing to the project is our recipe for extraordinary results.

  • Producing and creating original sound and audio assets using temporary or final assets
  • Designing and mixing sound effects for in-game characters, interactive objects, ambiances
  • Ensuring audio and vision consistency
  • Implementing audio assets to Unreal Engine
  • Voice-over editing and post-processing
  • Working closely with the team, especially with Level Designers, Game Designers, and Production
  • At least 1 shipped title or 2 years of experience in a video game or post-production setting
  • Knowledge of recording techniques, foley sound creation, and on-location recording. Ability to perform field recording and foley if needed.
  • Good knowledge of audio editing tools e.g. Reaper/Pro Tools/ Studio One
  • Previous experience of working in Unreal Engine
  • Experience with voice-over editing and post-processing
  • Audio middleware knowledge is nice to have (Wise, FMOD)
  • Self-troubleshooting of audio software/equipment
  • Strong artistic and creative sense
  • Team player who is able to share his/her ideas with the team and shows creative and out-of-the-box thinking
  • Proven skills in editing and matching sound-to-picture
  • Proficiency in English
  • Possibility to work 100% remote
  • Private medical care (entirely financed by the employer)
  • Sports Card (FitProfit card)
  • Hog’s Academy – development budget
  • Professional mental health support
  • Language lessons (Polish and English)
  • Flexible working hours (core hours 11:00-16:00)
  • Influence on various aspects of the game – the game is being created by the whole team – your opinion counts
  • The team consists of experienced veterans, which means – huge development
  • Working environment based on a strong team spirit and positive energy

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