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New audio jobs for games and film

20 great new audio jobs at the BBC, Meta Reality Labs, Formosa Group, Certain Affinity, Ubisoft, Deluxe, Studio Alice, Danish Entertainment Orchestra, Pocket FM, Pixel Game Audio, Videnskab, Survios, Hull, United Talent Agency, Soundtree Music, Remedy, iniBuilds, The Composerworks, and Rev Rooms

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Wanted: Junior Sound Trainee, Senior Sound Designer, Junior Voice Designer, Junior Audio Editor, Audio Media Librarian, Production Manager, Producer, Software Engineer, Audio Embedded DSP, Associate Sound Quality, Junior Game Audio Designer, Studio & Scheduling Manager, Podcast Editor, Mid / Senior Technical Sound Designer, Weekend Producer, Music Agent Assistant, Music Supervisor, Senior Audio Programmer, Sound Engineer / Wwise Specialist, Composer Agent and Music Supervisor, and Mid / Senior Audio Designer

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