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Great new audio jobs at King, Variable State, RD Content, Gameloft, Epic, Discord, SBS Australia, Audiokinetic, Firelight, NI, Jane Street, Big Cloud, Wake Audio, and Kobalt Music Group

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Wanted: Sound Designer/Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer & Designer, Audio Manager, Technical Audio QA Analyst, AV Engineering Manager, Director of Audio and Language Content, Senior Software QA Tester, Build Automation Engineer, QA Engineer, AV Production Specialist, Speech and Audio Engineer, Vehicle Audio Specialist, and Assistant of Repertoire & Claims

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Great new audio jobs at DICE LA, Dolby, Apple, Spotify, Raven, Konami Gaming, Sledgehammer, Sony, Larian, Riot, Creative Assembly, Museum of London, Cogswell College, and 18 more!

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Wanted: Audio Artist, Audio Checker, Audio Engineers, Audio Interns, Audio Lead, Audio Producer, Audio Production Lab Tech, AV Semantics Intern, AV Technician, Composer/Sound Designer, Creative Tech Manager, Executive Producers, Faculty Instructor, Marketing Student, Podcast and Blog Assistant, Podcast Executive, Podcast Producers, Project Manager, QA Engineer, Senior Sound Designer, Sound Designers, Sound Engineer, Sound Intern, Sr Audio Software Engineers, Studio Intern, Audio Engineer, Audio Intern, Composer, Executive Producer, Podcast Producer, Sound Designer, Senior Audio Software Engineer

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