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We came across interesting new jobs at King, Variable State, RD Content, and Gameloft – and they’re looking for a Sound Designer/Composer (England), Sound Designer (Remote), Sound Engineer & Designer (England), and Audio Manager (QC, Canada).

We also found openings for a Technical Audio QA Analyst at Epic Games (QC, Canada / WA, US), AV Engineering Manager at Discord (CA, US), Director of Audio and Language Content at SBS Australia (NSW, Australia), Senior Software QA Tester at Audiokinetic (QC, Canada), Build Automation Engineer at Firelight Technologies (VC, Australia), QA Engineer at Native Instruments (Germany), AV Production Specialist at Jane Street (NY, US), and Speech and Audio Engineer at Big Cloud (Recruiter) (CA, US).

Bonus: The Audio Jobs group also has opportunities for a Vehicle Audio Specialist at Wake Audio (CA, US) and Assistant of Repertoire & Claims at Kobalt Music Group (England). Happy job hunting!

Highlight – sound stories this week: Will Files and P.K. Hooker give you the story behind the sound for The Invisible Man, and Steve Fanagan tells the story behind Radioactive’s riveting sound.

Sound Designer/Composer
Company: King
Location: London, UK
Job description

Are you an Audio Designer and on the lookout for a new challenge? We´re growing our team in London / Stockholm and this might be the opportunity you are looking for…

Your Role Within our Kingdom
We are looking for a great team player that both thrives under pressure and knows how to run simultaneous projects to get the very best results. You understand the importance of collaboration and are able to communicate effectively with people from diverse professional and technical backgrounds. You bring a positive, innovative and problem solving attitude and welcome critical feedback on your work as a way of constantly improving and growing. You demonstrate pro- activity, initiative, autonomy, and ownership of your design areas. You are passionate about audio design, but specifically savvy about how it affects game play and the way games are played and perceived. Versatile, you have excellent skills with audio tools as well as a keen sense of quality. You are up to speed on new sound and music technologies.


  • Work closely with the Audio Director and senior sound designers / composers as well as creative stakeholders to help deliver outstanding audio from a creative and technical stand point.
  • Help create outstanding music compositions and sound design work.
  • Implement dialogue, music and sound design using our in- house engine or industry standard audio middleware such as Wwise and game engines such as Unity.
  • Own, and deliver to quality, interlinking areas of the project’s audio experience.
  • Collaborate with other game departments and the audio team.
  • Provide accurate time estimations for tasks and meet production deadlines.
  • Assist with polishing and bug fixing efforts.
  • Attend daily scrum meetings, dev meetings and audio team reviews and play – throughs.
Skills to Create Thrills
  • Experienced in sound design across varied areas (games, films, TV) with an amazing showreel to prove it. Please ensure the work you’ve done is clearly stated (whether it’s sound design, music composition, sfx, mixing or all of the above).
  • Skilled in all areas of sound design, recording, mixing, mastering, audio editing and optimisation.
  • Experience with using audio software such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Reaper or equivalent and related music / sound design VST plugins.
  • Experience in tracklaying, music composing, mixing for linear content such as cinematics, trailers and adverts.
  • Experience recording and directing voice over talent.
  • Ability to work under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize tasks across different simultaneous projects.
  • Great communication skills and collaborate closely with multiple interdisciplinary teams.
Bonus Points
  • A real passion for games across all platforms, especially mobile games.
  • Experience in working with audio middleware and/or proprietary tech such as Wwise.
  • Experience in working with game engines for example Unity, Unreal, Lumberyard and CryEngine.
  • Good knowledge of field and studio recording sessions as well as foley recording and editing.
Making the World Playful
Officially, we are a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. Unofficially, we’re a serious business that takes pride in having fun. Every single day at King, we mix intuition with logic, art with science and magic with mathematics to craft the games the world loves to play. Together with our parent company, Activision Blizzard, our mission is to bring moments of magic to everyday life. If you think this is something you can help us achieve, then we’d love to talk with you.

A Great Saga Needs Diverse Heroes
Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people that share the same idea of what makes a good workplace great. No matter where you’re from, it’s all about what we can achieve together when creating truly magical moments for all our players. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent – because a great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

Want to join our Kingdom?
Please apply in English.

Sound Designer
Company: Variable State
Location: Remote
Job description

We are looking for a Sound Designer to work on Last Stop.
Last Stop is a cinematic narrative adventure game developed by Variable State and published by Annapurna Interactive.
We are looking for a talented Sound Designer to add sound to the animated cutscenes in the game.

Within this role you will:
■ Record and track lay sound for provided cutscene video clips
■ Take direction and feedback from the Audio Director
■ Be available within normal UK office hours using the company Slack channel

We need you to have:
■ Your own equipment, software licenses and sample libraries
■ 2 – 3 years experience working in the Games, Film or TV industry.
Past games experiences is welcome, but not essential as the role won’t include implementing sound assets into the game engine.
This is a remote working position. It is preferred that you are a UK resident, but residents of countries with similar time zones are also welcome to apply.

The job position is full time for a 3 month contract period, starting ASAP.
Competitive salary.

Apply here:

Sound Engineer & Designer
Company: RD Content
Location: London, UK
Want to work on a massive range of different projects and be part of an award-winning team?

We create incredible content for businesses and brands all over the world. From Formula 1 through to Premier League football, from television commercials to social campaigns. Rather than writing about it – watch this:

We are looking for a Sound Engineer & Designer to join our growing team of 50 talented film-makers here in London.

  • Recording and producing high quality voice over’s in our in-house sound studio
  • Communicating extremely well with our in-house Production, Camera and Post Production departments to produce the highest quality possible
  • Maintaining and developing best working practice
  • Sourcing and adding sound effects to a wide variety of edits/animations
  • Demonstrable sound experience in softwares including Logic
  • In-depth knowledge of sound workflow and technologies
Job Type: Full-time, Permanent
Salary: £24,000.00 to £30,000.00 /year

Audio Manager
Company: Gameloft
Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
Job description

En tant que manager de l’équipe audio monde, le Manager audio dirige, supervise et coordonne ses employés au quotidien. Il gère les budgets, supervise les projets et alloue les ressources. Il s’assure que chaque projet audio respecte les échéances et les normes de qualité correspondantes. Le Manager audio fait également la liaison entre le VP Création (HQ) et les équipes audio du monde entier. En poste au studio Gameloft de Montréal, il doit gérer l’équipe audio de Montréal – l’équipe comptant le plus d’employés – mais aussi les petites équipes situées dans d’autres studios à travers le monde.

Le Manager audio est également en charge de la visibilité et de l’influence du département de l’équipe audio au sein et en dehors de Gameloft. Travaillant en collaboration avec le Directeur audio, le Manager audio joue un rôle crucial dans l’amélioration du département audio.

Principales tâches et responsabilités :
– Diriger l’équipe audio monde
– Agir à titre de contact principal pour le HQ
– Gérer l’équipe audio dans son ensemble, y compris en :

  • Travaillant en collaboration avec le HQ en ce qui concerne les budgets audio liés aux projets/à l’équipe audio
  • Lançant le processus pour les nouveaux jeux Gameloft (en collaboration avec le Directeur audio)
  • Effectuant des achats (logiciels, instruments virtuels, banques de sons, etc.)
  • Gérant l’allocation des ressources, les charges de travail et les échéances
  • Supervisant le processus d’embauche, l’évaluation des employés, les augmentations, etc.
  • Programmant l’intervention de ressources externes (par exemple, des sessions d’enregistrement avec des musiciens externes)
  • Mettant en place des accords avec des entreprises audio externes (par exemple, Universal Production Music
  • Organisant des activités de renforcement d’équipe (teambuilding)
– Faire le suivi de tous les projets Gameloft. Création et évolution des jeux (EJ/mise à jour), HTML, LOOP, PHD, MIG, etc.
– Superviser/coordonner les membres de l’équipe audio (24 employés) : compositeurs, concepteurs son, techniciens son, AQ son MTL, mixeurs audio, managers doublage, etc.
– Mettre en oeuvre de nouvelles structures/procédures (en collaboration avec le Directeur audio)
– Prendre en charge la visibilité au sein et en dehors de Gameloft
– Gérer tous les problèmes d’accès de l’équipe audio (SVN, GNS, IT), entre autres
Job description
As manager of the world audio team, the Audio Manager directs, supervises and coordinates their employees on a daily basis. They manage budgets, supervise projects and allocate resources. They ensure that every audio project meets the applicable deadlines and high standards of quality. The Audio Manager also acts as a liaison between the VP Creation (HQ) and audio teams around the world. Located at the Gameloft Montreal studio, they not only manage the Montreal audio team—the team with the most employees—but the smaller teams located in other studios around the world as well.

The Audio Manager is also responsible for the visibility and influence of the audio department within Gameloft and beyond. Working in collaboration with the Audio Director, the Audio Manager plays a crucial role in refining the audio department.

Main Tasks and Responsibilities:
– Leading the world audio team
– Acting as the primary contact for HQ
– Managing the audio team as a whole, including:
  • Working in collaboration with HQ on budgets for the audio team and its projects
  • Kick-starting the process for new Gameloft games (in collaboration with the Audio Director)
  • Making purchases (software, virtual instruments, sound banks, etc.)
  • Managing resource allocation, workloads and deadlines
  • Overseeing the hiring process, employee evaluations, salary increases, etc
  • Scheduling the use of external resources (for example, recording sessions with external musicians)
  • Establishing agreements with external audio companies (for example, Universal Production Music)
  • Organizing team-building activities
– Overseeing all Gameloft projects in both the creation and evolution stages games (EJ /updates), HTML, LOOP, PHD, MIG, etc.
– Supervising and coordinating audio team members (24 employees), including composers, sound designers, sound technicians, MTL sound QA, audio mixers, dubbing managers, etc.
– Implementing new structures/procedures (in collaboration with the Audio Director)
– Taking charge of visibility of the department, both internally and externally
– Managing any access problems for the audio team (SVN, GNS, IT), among others issues

– Expérience dans un département audio
– Excellentes aptitudes en communication
– Bonne capacité d’écoute, de compréhension et d’empathie face aux problématiques et aux demandes de l’équipe
– Être structuré et attentif aux détails afin de prendre des décisions efficaces
– Esprit de collaboration, honnêteté, patience et attitude positive
– Imagination créative et capacité à sortir des sentiers battus
– Bon sens du leadership : Impact, influence, coaching et mentorat
– Être proactif et faire preuve de curiosité intellectuelle
– Experience in an audio department
– Excellent communication skills
– Ability to listen, understand and empathize when faced with team issues and requests
– Organizational skills and attention to detail, to allow for effective decision-making
– Sense of teamwork, honesty, patience and a positive attitude
– Creativity and imagination, with the ability to think outside the box
– Strong sense of leadership: Ability to have an impact and exert influence, and to provide coaching and mentoring
– Ability to be proactive and demonstrate intellectual curiosity

Why Join the World of Gameloft?
  • Because you want to be part of an exceptional experience within a company that is constantly growing!
  • Because you want to work with talented people who are industry pioneers!
  • Because you want to join a global company and meet great people around the world from all walks of life.
  • Or, just because you’re looking for a great place to work!
We want to get to know you! Please with your resume, join a cover letter explaining why you think you are a good match with the role and your passion about the industry ! The incomplete applications will not be considered 🙁

About Gameloft
As a leader in the development and publishing of mobile games, Gameloft® has established itself as one of the top innovators in its field since 2000. Gameloft creates games for all digital platforms, two of which are featured in the “Top 10 Games by All-Time Worldwide Downloads” from App Annie. Gameloft operates its own established franchises such as Asphalt®, Order & Chaos, Modern Combat and Dungeon Hunter and also partners with major rights holders including Universal, Illumination Entertainment, Disney®, Marvel®, Hasbro®, Fox Digital Entertainment, Mattel® and Ferrari®. Gameloft distributes its games in over 100 countries and employs 4,600 people worldwide. Every month, 114 million unique users can be reached by advertisers in Gameloft games with Gameloft Advertising Solutions, a leading B2B offering dedicated to brands and agencies. Gameloft is a Vivendi company.


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