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23 great new audio jobs at Netflix, Bang Post, Amazon, Native Instruments, Gameloft, Riot Games LA, PlayStation, EA, Upright Music, Oculus, FitXR, Behold, King Barcelona, Volley, Play Sports Network, Fermata Music & Sound, Raven, Keywords, Eyougame, Pixelogic, CPH IT-University and Anotherway

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Wanted: Re-Recording Mixer, Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Audio Software Engineer, Marketing Music Coordinator, Marketing Sound Designer, Voice UX Designer, Audio Mixer and Sound Designer, Music Clearance Manager, Post-doc in Sound Interaction, Music Partnership Manager – Games, VO Producer, Sound Design Manager, Technical Audio Artist, Freelance Game Sound Designer, Senior Audio Designer, Audio Production Assistant, Sound Engineer, Senior Audio Engineer, Content Development Engineer, Technical Audio Manager, and VR Sound Designer

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