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New audio jobs for games and film

20 great new audio jobs at Meta, EA, Eleventh Hour Games, Ubisoft Shanghai, People Can Fly, Techland, Keyword Studios, Phonic Content, Leigh Academies Trust, Royal Opera House, Black Shamrock, PHMG, Ubisoft India, Cognizant, Pocket FM, EARSAY, and Netflix

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Wanted: Freelance Composer, Audio Artist II – World SFX, Sound Design Lead, Senior Audio Designer, Principal Audio Designer, Audio Programmer, Live Audio Description – Sports, Freelance Audio QA – Multiple Languages, Podcast Producer, Coordinator of Learning – Music, Sound, Video, and Broadcast Project Manager, Voice Designer, Research Scientist Intern – Perceptual Audio Scientist, Voice Artist, Music Transcription & Analysis, Sound and Music Editor, Musician, Sound Designer, Audio & Video Producer, and Manager of Music Creative Production

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