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Music/Mixer Editor
Company: Bungie
Location: Bellevue, WA, USA
Job description

A Bungie game is incomplete without a score. We’re not talking about the kill count after a match in the Crucible. In this case, the score is the thundering anthem that drives a player forward as they blast their way through waves of aliens to complete their mission.

Our current mission is to add a bold new member to our Audio Team. Bungie is looking for a multi-talented Music Editor and Mixer with strong technical audio skills to help the music team create amazing music. Your work will help deliver video game soundtracks and media to be enjoyed by our community. If you love playing games, bring your passion to the music team at Bungie.


• Work with the Bungie music team to help edit and implement our score
• Help prepare and mix music and media for use in our games
• Support our marketing department with music editing, sound editing, and mixing

Required Skills

• Collaborative team player with strong communication skills
• A proven track record in music editing and mixing for multimedia with at least 5 years of applicable experience
• Proficient with Digital Production techniques
• Mixing/Mastering Skills
• A basic understanding of music theory and golden ears
• Good technical computer skills and good at learning new software
• An interest in interactive audio
• Experience with Pro Tools required

Nice-to-Have Skills

• Experience with implementation in Audiokinetic Wwise is a plus
• Experience with Sibelius preferred
• A passion for games
• Bachelor’s or Advanced degree preferred

Please submit supporting material showing your best editing/mixing work.

Source: OrcaHQ
Senior Audio Designer
Company: Microsoft Studios: Soho Productions
Location: Guildford, UK
Job description

Role Purpose
Overview of Group/Department Role Sits in within MS
Microsoft’s highly successful Xbox Business has a rich portfolio of entertainment services including Xbox LIVE, Xbox Music and Xbox Video. A core part of that strategy is Microsoft Studios; a group that has been the creative force behind many of the Xbox’s most innovative and successful customer experiences. This diverse group of studios develop games, apps, TV, and services that constantly challenge the accepted boundaries.

Role Purpose
Sound Design and audio post-production for Microsoft’s first-party entertainment products and services. Game audio implementation will also be required. This role will help our Microsoft Studios audio teams scale up productivity while maintaining a consistently high level of quality.

Some light facilities support, asset management, and interactions with Audio Directors and producers from Microsoft Studios may also be required.

Key Responsibilities
• Sound design for interactive (games) and linear media
• Organized asset management and deliveries
• Mixing and post-production
• Some ADR and voice-over production
• Audio mastering
• Occasional travel to work onsite with EU-based development teams

Key Success Criteria
• High-quality
• Highly productive
• Organized
• Creative sound design

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

• ProTools and other DAWs
• Wide range of DSP plugins and audio production hardware
• Wwise, FMOD and other game audio implementation tools
• Asset management aptitude

• Experience in shipping video games across a variety of platforms
• Sound design and game implementation
• ProTools certification is a plus
• Post-production for film & TV is a plus
• Facilities support is a plus

• An ear for quality
• Reliable, proactive, results focused
• Customer focused, adaptable and diplomatic
• Creative

Key Selling Points of the Role or Group

Variety: this role and team and facility will support a huge variety of genre and project types.

Quality: working on first-party xbox entertainment comes with a high expectation for quality.

Strategic Usefulness: you’ll always be busy supporting several studio teams and published titles.

Creative Collaboration for some of the best and most innovative entertainment possible.

Senior Sound Designer
Company: Huawei
Location: China
Job description

Machine-translated ?

Job Description:
• Build the sound effect experience system for smart phone, tablet and other terminal devices based on brand’s localizations and demands.
• In light of the product hardware and software audio frequency identity, grasps the different music style and localization, the fast understanding and decomposition sound demand, controlling the sound design direction and progress, and is responsible for the sound experience design proposal the landing effect.
• Formulates the design cycle and standard in the domain, and promotes the implementation to fall to the ground, the promotion design quality promotion and system standardization construction, completes the international level specialized design specification.
• The participation team constructs, the organization designs the share and inheritance of experience, sharpens team’s designed capacity, gains in the design experience of team, the coordinate team builds the international level specialized sound design team.

Position requirement:
• Over 5 years sound design related work experience, can lead and to organize the designer carry out the project work.
• Sensitive to the fashionable tendency, has strong design personal status and artistic connoisseurship • ability, has strong sensation ability and analysis creation ability to the sound.
• skilled in various sounds and music designs to need the tool, encompasses the synthesizer, the software and hardware sound source and so on, and skilled use sound composes music, editor class software.
• independent multi-project multi-task management ability as well as good leading design with trans-departmental communicate the coordination ability.
• good design communication skill and planning demonstration ability, has the outstanding innovative design spirit, the soaring design fervor and work initiative, the outstanding communication skill and teamwork ability, promote the sound design as well as the sound operation of usability plan high quality fall to the ground.

Source: LinkedIn

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