Great new audio jobs at ZeniMax, Ubisoft (Rocksmith), Neople, Virtuos, MachineGames, Remedy, and CCP London

By September 10, 2018Audio Jobs
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We came across 4 interesting jobs at ZeniMax Online, Ubisoft (Rocksmith), Neople, Inc., and Virtuos – and they’re looking for an Audio Engineer, Note Tracker, Sound Designers, and Composer.

Bonus: The Audio Jobs group also has opportunities for a Sound Designer at MachineGames, Technical Audio Designer at Remedy, and Associate Audio Programmer at CCP London. Happy job hunting!

Audio Engineer
Company: ZeniMax Online Studios
Location: Hunt Valley, MD, USA
Job description

ZeniMax Online Studios is looking for an Audio Engineer to develop and implement leading-edge audio solutions and help push the boundaries of interactive audio in open world games. This position will impact several aspects of the game (game systems, resource management, and optimization) and will work closely with other engineers and designers in order to provide a great user experience.

• Design and architect new audio systems
• Maintain and improve existing audio engine, game systems, tools and middleware
• Optimize code to improve CPU utilization and reduce memory footprint
• Support and proactively interface with Sound Designers specifically and the entire development team peripherally

• 4+ years of software development experience
• Proficient in C++
• Solid architecture, system design, and analytical skills
• Excellent math skills
• Strong communication skills
• Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code

Desired Skills:
• Experience developing for multiple platforms (Windows, OSX, PS4, Xbox One)
• Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
• Familiarity with modern audio middleware (Wwise, Fmod)
• Experience with multi-threaded programming
• Strong debugging skills
• MMO development experience
• An extreme passion for all-things audio

How to Apply:
To apply for this position you will be redirected to the job submission form at, our third-party applicant tracking system. While is not hosted by ZeniMax Media and does not fall under our Privacy Policy, only employees of our Human Resources department will be able to view your submitted information. Information collected via the job submission form is subject to’s privacy policy.

Note Tracker (Audio Design)
Company: Ubisoft
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Job description

We are looking for a talented, motivated and experienced person to help establish and grow the future of Rocksmith and other new exciting titles. Qualified individuals are expected to be organized, with excellent communication skills, and have a proven track record in transcription and guitar performance.

• Accurate transcription of guitar and bass music using proprietary tablature authoring software
• Check notetracks and vocal transcriptions with extreme attention to detail
• Tempo mapping master audio files
• Check audio mixes, guitar tones, and progression/level development for QA purposes
• Analyze songs to evaluate guitar tunings and associated techniques

• Advanced understanding of fretboard harmony and guitar / bass techniques required
• Extensive understanding of music theory, composition background preferred
• Exceptional ear for musical transcription
• Work efficiently with a high attention to detail
• Experience with DAWs, music notation software, and / or MIDI is a necessity

Ubisoft is composed of over 13,000 talented people located in 28 countries across the globe. With around 85% of its staff devoted to game development, Ubisoft has the 2nd largest in-house creative team in the world.

The company’s 30 different creative studios work hand-in-hand each day to deliver rich and innovative gaming experiences that reflect the creativity and diversity of their teams. This cross-studio collaboration model means every team member has the opportunity to participate in challenging projects based on iconic brands including Assassin’s Creed®, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon®, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell®, Rabbids®, Rayman®, Watch Dogs®, Far Cry®, The Crew®, Just Dance® and more.

Sound Designer / Composer
Company: Neople, Inc.
Location: Jeju Island, South Korea
Job description

• Game production (Dungeon & Fighter, Chiffer, etc.)
• Sound production (effect/UI/ambience/voice over)
• Produce sound of each species (promotional/cinematic/advertising, etc.)
• Sound planning

• More than 2 years of experience in game sound production
• DAW (Pro Tools/Cubase/Studio One/Logic, etc.)
• For those with a high level of understanding of the overall game

Preferred Skills:
• Middleware such as Fmod, Wwise
• Unity3D, Unreal, etc.
• Those who are proficient in sound, such as recording and mastering of mixing

• Game production (Dungeon & Fighter, Chiffer, etc.)
• Music production of various kinds of images (promotional/cinematic/advertising, etc.)

• More than 2 years of experience in game music production
• DAW (Pro Tools/Cubase/Studio One/Logic, etc.)
• For those with a high level of understanding of the overall game

Preferred Skills:
• Those who are proficient in sound, such as recording and mastering of mixing

• Document review period is up to one month, and results will be announced individually.
• National Veterans and Disabled Persons are preferred according to relevant laws and regulations.
• It may be prematurely terminated due to recruitment.

사운드 디자이너
네오플 제작 게임(던전앤파이터, 사이퍼즈 등) 사운드 제작 (effect/UI/ambience/voice over)
각 종 영상(프로모션/시네마틱/광고 등) 사운드 제작
사운드 기획
게임음악 작곡가
네오플 제작 게임(던전앤파이터, 사이퍼즈 등) 음악 제작
각 종 영상(프로모션/시네마틱/광고 등) 음악 제작

사운드 디자이너
게임 사운드 제작 관련 경력 2년 이상
Daw(protools/cubase/studio one/logic 등) 1개 이상 숙련도가 있으신분
게임 전반에 대한 높은 이해도가 있으신 분
게임음악 작곡가
게임 음악 제작 관련 경력 2년 이상
Daw(protools/cubase/studio one/logic 등) 1개 이상 숙련도가 있으신분
게임 전반에 대한 높은 이해도가 있으신 분

사운드 디자이너
Fmod, Wwise와 같은 사운드 미들웨어 운용 가능하신분
Unity3D, Unreal 등 게임 엔진 운용 가능하신분
레코딩, 믹싱 마스터링 등 음향 관련 숙련도가 높으신 분
게임음악 작곡가
레코딩, 믹싱 마스터링 등 음향 관련 숙련도가 높으신 분

서류 검토 기간은 최대 한달이며, 개별적으로 결과를 알려 드립니다.
국가보훈대상자 및 장애인은 관련법규에 의거하여 우대합니다.
수시채용으로 진행 됨에 따라 채용시 조기마감될 수 있습니다.
네오플 블로그_네오플로그

Sound Designer
Company: Virtuos Games
Location: Shanghai, China
Job description

• Conceptualize, schedule, design, and produce high quality audio assets in accordance with the requirement of the projects. Meanwhile, has the ability to manage the risk and provide the solutions
• Record and create the audio sample according to the requirement of the projects
• Optimize the audio post-production to meet the requirement of the projects
• Work with team members to integrate and adjust the audio assets
• Monitor the Junior Sound Designer

• 为项目提供设计方案,包括音频技术方案、日程表、风险评估与解决方案
• 根据项目要求进行样本录音与创作
• 根据项目要求进行音轨创作、后期混音
• 根据项目要求进行音频数据后期处理优化
• 与项目中其他成员协作将音频数据整合并调整至最佳表现状态
• 为初级音效师提供技术支持

• Professional quality audio production and all related acoustics technologies
• Passionate about game development
• Mastered the audio software, e.g. Sony Sound Forge, Avid ProTools
• Team player, Good communication skill
• Willing to share
• 3 year sound design experience in game industry preferred
• Good English ability preferred

• 具备声学与音频制作知识;对游戏开发有兴趣和热情
• 具备一定的音频审美与创新理念
• 了解并能熟练使用专业音频软件,例如:Sony Sound Forge,Avid ProTools。
• 善于沟通,团队工作协作能力强
• 乐于分享
• 有较好的英语听说读写能力者优先
• 3年以上的游戏声音设计经验
• 有游戏音频设计开发经验者优先

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