New audio jobs at Cloud Imperium, Ankama, ArenaNet, Ubisoft, and Konami

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We came across 4 interesting jobs at Cloud Imperium, Ankama, ArenaNet, and Ubisoft – and they’re looking for a Senior Sound Designer and Sound Designers. We also spotted an opportunity at Konami for a composer/sound designer here. Happy job hunting!

Senior Sound Designer
Company: Cloud Imperium
Location: Manchester, UK
Job description

Cloud Imperium Games is looking to add an experienced Senior Sound Designer to the CIG Audio team, based at Foundry 42 Ltd in, UK. This is not a junior position. The ideal applicant will have strong technical knowledge of Wwise middleware, and will have shipped at least one title, ideally more; the successful applicant will be expected to be able to adjust to different development tools as we’re developing a lot of our own tech. This project is very technical in its nature and as such you’ll be expected to drive progress of systems and tools and pick up our toolset (based on Amazon Lumberyard) quickly.

As a Senior Sound Designer, as well as the usual prerequisites of producing world class sound content and setting a high audio standard internally, you’ll also have some responsibility for mentoring and training juniors, and for defining and communicating how best to do what we do in CIG Audio. We are pushing for a high quality bar and you should have an idea of how to push it higher! The sound of Star Citizen is being forged by a centralised core audio team where all members are encouraged to explore concepts and present ideas to their team mates.

As well as sound design and some organisational aspects to this role, music editing and compositional skills would be extremely desirable. Experience liaising with external composers, and in-depth knowledge of the Wwise interactive music system, would be most advantageous. In depth experience of working on FPS titles will prove useful, and a love of space/science fiction always helps! Please apply with a demo-reel/portfolio.

• Have a genuine passion for games (yes, even after years within the industry!) and be invested in the latest developments within game sound
• World class sound effect design and implementation. We may have a lot of memory and CPU to play with but you’ll still want to spend them wisely
• Oversight of music implementation, liaison with external composers, occasional music composition where required
• Act as primary audio point person, liaising with game designers about their audio needs
• Specify and design audio tools for our audio programming team. If you can talk their language(s), so much the better
• Responsive to feedback from peers on the team. We should be able to criticise each other’s work
• Innovative and adaptable; able to drive new audio features and develop methodologies for continuous improvement across the department
• Collaborate on design approaches to the sound of the game, actively looking to assist others with your experience and knowledge
• Should also be able to work independently, take ownership of aspects of the sound and achieve great results
• Keen to collaborate closely with members of the wider team making Star Citizen and Squadron 42 a brilliant experience
• Liaising with world class outsource resources – we get the best to help us, and you need to be able to talk with them to get what material we need
• Some music and dialogue implementation may be required – it’s all sound after all

• Solid experience of at least one (preferably multiple) Digital Audio Workstations & various plug-ins (we’re Reaper fans here but you can use what you’re most comfortable with, if you’re capable of producing world class assets in a particular DAW)
• A working knowledge of common audio middleware and/or proprietary tech. Lumberyard / CryEngine is a real plus point here, also Wwise
• Cubase experience, or similar musical package for your compositional exploits
• Ability to edit music to picture/cutscenes and a high level of skill working with interactive music systems within Wwise
• Plenty of general experience using game engines to implement and work with sound. If you’ve used another engine and it does stuff better, we’ll look to replicate it, if it improves things
• A game audio mind-set. E.g. you like to granulate loops and re-sequence that stuff. You wouldn’t be seen dead looping a 30 second wav in a game anymore
• PD, Max/MSP, Python, XML, C++ or C# would be a plus, though we’d hope you wouldn’t need to, it all helps. Some visual programming wouldn’t go amiss either, e.g. Kismet, Flowgraph, Frostbite
• A great show reel of relevant audio work for games
• Great communication skills, both text and verbal
• International travel may be required as part of the role

Source: OrcaHQ
Sound Designer
Company: Ankama
Location: Roubaix, France
Job description

Established just 15 years ago, Ankama is now an independent digital entertainment company and a must in the world of video games! Since the phenomenal success in 2004, DOFUS online game (85 million accounts have been created in the world, including more than 40 million in France). Ankama has invested several fields of activity to become a real transmedia group. In Roubaix, in the heart of the Plaine Images, a dynamic economic site gathering nearly a hundred companies around digital images and innovation, Ankama represents more than 350 employees.

Attached to the sound team, you will ultimately be responsible for designing the sound content of an MMO as a whole.

Your main missions are to
• Create sound effects with banks, sound recordings, or sound synthesis.
• Integrate sound effects and mix the entire project using project-specific tools or commercial middleware
• Test, debug and reference bugs in the project database
• Conceptualise tools and audio engine by establishing a technical sound charter of a multimedia project

Profile desired
• Creative, autonomous and rigorous, you justify imperatively a minimum experience of 2 years on a similar position. You are able to understand a sound chart of a video game, create and integrate the sounds through the tools specific to the project.
• You have a good level of audio editing software (DAW) Cockos Reaper and Sound Forge Pro.
• You master the use of audio processing effects (EQ, reverbs, compressions, etc.) and the use of video game audio middleware (Wwise, Fmod designer).
• You have sound knowledge and a correct level in word processing and spreadsheet.
• You justify a good musical culture and video games.
• Notions of mastering and notions of musicology are a real advantage.

Sound Designer
Company: ArenaNet
Location: Bellevue, WA, USA
Job description

We’re ArenaNet—we’ve created a studio that makes online worlds infused with innovation, hand-crafted excellence, and creative passion. We’re not the only ones who share this passion; gamers made Guild Wars 2 the fastest selling MMO game in the West with more than 3 million copies sold in its first 9 months, and players and press have consistently called it one of the best MMOs of all time.

Our studio is built on foundations of excellence with a focus on community. We constantly innovate, unlocking the true potential of online role-playing with game-changing titles like Guild Wars 2 and beyond. The status quo is not good enough for our dedicated worldwide community of players, which is why we question the de facto industry conventions and demand more from ourselves as developers.

As a sound designer you will work closely with the cinematics team to expand on their vision. You will also mix and implement game assets and create new content either from our custom library or soft synths. Please include links to your current portfolio/demo reel when applying.

• Provide SFX design and mixes for cutscenes
• Implement audio events into the game by a variety of methods
• Use Wwise and our SFX library to assemble original sound effects and events
• Identify situations in the game that could be improved with creative sound design
• Collaborating with other team members to ensure the best quality experience

• 3+ years of game industry experience in all stages of game development
• At least one shipped title for PC or console
• 3+ years of experience sound designing and mixing audio for linear media
• Deep knowledge of Wwise middleware
• Experience implementing audio with at least 2 of the following methods:
  o Key-frame animation
  o Basic 3D modeling
  o Scripting with Python, Java or TypeScript

• Knowledge or experience in a discipline outside of game development
• Familiarity with audio implementation in Unity
• Familiarity with Nuendo DAW

This is a full time on-site position at our studio in Bellevue, Washington. A casual, friendly work environment, comprehensive benefits package, a competitive salary, and more are all part of what makes ArenaNet a great place to work.

Sound Designer
Company: Ubisoft Paris
Location: Montreuil, France
Job description

Are you ready for new challenges? Want to give the players some great experiences? Come join us. Within the Montreuil Production Studio, you are attached to the development team of one of our AAA projects. Attached to the Audio Team, you are responsible for the quality of sound content as a whole, from asset design to integration into the game.

As part of its development, Ubisoft is looking for a Sound Designer for its Production Studio in Paris to work such titles as Ghost Recon: Wildlands, Rabbids Land: Rabbids Land, Just Dance 2017 and Watch_Dogs 2.

Your main missions are to
• Design, create and modify original audio content according to the creative vision of the project
• Prototyping and developing technical solutions to help improve the quality of audio content
• Ensure proper integration of audio in our game engine
• Identify solutions to solve the technical problems in case of bug or problem in collaboration with the teams involved

• You have at least 5 years experience as an Audio Designer for the production of video games and ideally on at least one AAA game
• You master audio tools / software (Wwise, Sound Forge, Vegas, Nuendo, etc …) and you are also up-to-date on new techniques and trends
• You have an experience and an affinity with the discovery of engines and tools “home”
• You have a strong artistic sensitivity that will allow you to define requirements and technical specifications in close collaboration with audio programmers
• You have a technical sensitivity that allows you to be force of proposal concerning the existing tools and systems
• You have a passion for Video Games and have a good video game culture
• Your level of English allows you to evolve in an international context

Ubisoft’s teams are driven by their desire to enrich the lives of gamers with original and memorable entertainment experiences. They give life to worlds, real playgrounds where the imagination can express itself freely, giving rise to moments of surprise, fun and adventure that also allow the player to learn and discover.

At Ubisoft, you have the opportunity to collaborate and evolve with passionate and pioneering teams in their field, all over the world. You will progress in a benevolent and inspiring environment in which you will push the limits of imagination and technology to create the worlds that will delight our players.

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