New audio jobs at EA/Visceral Games, TT Fusion, Ubisoft Toronto, and Cloud Imperium

By August 10, 2017Audio Jobs
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We came across 4 interesting jobs at EA/Visceral Games, TT Fusion, Ubisoft Toronto, and Cloud Imperium – and they’re looking for a Contract Audio Artist, Sound Designer, Audio Director, and Lead Sound Designer. Happy job hunting!

Contract Audio Artist
Company: EA/Visceral Games
Location: Redwood City, CA, USA
Job description

Audioworks is an award winning team creating audio assets for titles within EA STUDIOS. Through uniting our creative talents and technical expertise, Audioworks is driving industry leading audio through partnership, professionalism, expertise, innovation and uncompromising quality. There are many exciting projects underway in our studios and we produce progressive audio assets for in-game products from multiple studio locations.

We are looking for a contract Audio Artist who can make an immediate contribution to audio development within the EA Audioworks team on a story driven Star Wars project.

Role Overview:
Audioworks is looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Audio Artist who can make an immediate contribution to our team. This successful candidate must be able to work with and audio team for a specific project(s). The individual should have core experience in select phases of audio design and production, in at least in every key component – sound design, music, voice production, and implementation. This candidate will work within the Audioworks team and should have a basic understanding of game development. The ideal candidate will have a passion for video games, with an overwhelming drive to create a world class audio experience. The ideal candidate will have a passion for the Star Wars franchise, with an overwhelming drive to create a world class audio experience. They must be a strong problem-solver and an effective communicator with broad game-creation and sound creation skills.

• Creating quality audio for video games
• Submit final audio files on or before required deadlines
• Submit EQ and mastering of game music, sound effects or speech for audio review
• Interactive element tuning (such as XML files)
• Quality control review of project(s)
• Sound design of source elements and/or speech editing, naming and file organization
• Audio post production for in-game video content

• Minimum of four years game audio and/or post-production experience
• Is proficient in using game development tools, technology and pipelines(Wwise, FMOD)
• Is comfortable with modern audio creation equipment, software and recording techniques, with a level of proficiency in at least one DAW
• Solid knowledge of PC and Mac hardware and software
• Exceptional communication and problem solving skills
• Good creative and technical thinker
• Self-motivated
• Works well as part of a team
• Strong artistic and creative sensibilities

Source: EA Careers
Sound Designer
Company: TT Fusion
Location: Wilmslow, UK
Job description

TT Fusion are looking for a passionate Sound Designer to join their successful Audio team in Wilmslow. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to work on high profile projects, creating great audio with a talented and creative team. You should be incredibly passionate about game sound design, always looking for ways to improve the sound and technology used within our games.

Main Responsibilities:
• Working with Sound Effects
• Creating SFX, from library or original recordings
• Implementing SFX – using Traveller’s Tales bespoke editors

Working with Cutscenes:
• Laying-out all audio assets (Music/FX/VO/Ambience) mixed in Surround-Sound
• Liaising with Animation department
• Working with Music (whether bespoke, composed or licence):
• Editing music files (all aspects), to make game-ready
• Working with Voice-overs (VO)
• Working with and editing localised VO

For all aspects of Audio:
• Detailed knowledge of the most common DAWs and plugins.
• The ability to adapt to new technology and game engine tools.
• Awareness of Memory/Disc/ISO management
• Working with artists, animators and programmers in determining solutions to problems
• Assisting in testing audio on release platforms
• Working on multiple projects, simultaneously, according to priorities
• Additional tasks, as required.

Skills & Qualifications:
• HND or above in a related Audio field or relevant Game Audio experience as to meet a similar technical level
• Excellent sound design skills with creative flare
• Professional understanding of Game Audio technology
• Good communication and organization skills
• Ability to work within strict deadlines
• Must be pro-active
• Knowledge of audio middleware
• The ideal candidate will craft an experience with their work, consider the flow of the game and above all, drive some unique aural experiences.

If you think you can help us take our sound to the next level, we want to hear from you!

To apply please provide a covering letter, CV and a link to you showreel and send to As part of the recruitment process you will be expected to complete a sound design task.

Audio Director
Company: Ubisoft Toronto
Location: Toronto, Canada
Job description

As the Audio Director you will ensure the quality of the audio content and its integration as a gameplay element. You will supervise audio production and make certain that it is in keeping with the game vision.

The main and routine tasks of the Audio Director are to:
• Establish and document the technical and artistic audio charter based on the creative direction (reference films, games by competitors, design documents);
• Communicate the audio vision to the team and provide all necessary visual and audio documents and references needed
• Help select the project engine to ensure that audio needs are considered by assessing existing engines, contributing to the design of the new engine (if applicable) and testing the final engine choice
• Identify technical audio needs for the project and communicate them to the technical architect and Dare team (technology group)
• Set out the musical direction and the process to select composers, in collaboration with the creative director and sound studio
• Design and implement audio element integration processes by working in close collaboration with programmers and technical directors to ensure proper integration
• Determine project resource needs and set out the budget for the audio group with the producer/associate producer and follow up on the reassignments with the reassignment team, ensuring that employees are integrated with the project HR
• Ensure that best work practices are implemented and optimized within the team to guarantee the validity and integrity of the data
• Supervise the work of the audio team from the artistic and technical perspectives by providing individual feedback and/or organizing group audio reviews to ensure that the team’s work meets quality standard and remains in line with the audio vision
• Coach team members to foster their artistic and technical development so that they progress in their careers
• Communicate and share knowledge and experiences with other directors (audio, sound studio, Dare team – technology group) to ensure the effectiveness of the audio community and its evolution within the group, in collaboration with the audio trade director
• Coordinate specific audio recording sessions to meet project needs, in collaboration with the sound studio
• Carry out all other related tasks

• Bachelor’s degree in music or audio or professional training in audio
• Computer science training an asset

• At least 5+ years’ experience in audio production for video games
• Delivery of over 1-3 AAA games as part of a production team
• Film or TV postproduction experience an asset

Essential Skills:
• Extensive knowledge of DAW tools (e.g. Pro Tools, Sound forge, MIDI)
• Extensive musical knowledge as a musician and/or composer
• Solid knowledge of studio audio equipment and the research process
• Knowledge of the audio engines available on the market an asset

Other Skills:
• Ability to communicate a vision
• Good communication skills
• Organization skills
• Ability to influence others
• Excellent sense of esthetics
• Ability to provide constructive feedback
• Ability to quickly learn and master new software

We Offer:
• Competitive Salary
• Comprehensive Benefits Package
• Disability Insurance
• Dental Insurance
• Extended medical insurance
• (Optional) RRSP contribution
• Bonus (If Applicable)

Lead Sound Designer
Company: Cloud Imperium
Location: Wilmslow, UK
Job description

Cloud Imperium Games is looking to add an experienced Lead Sound Designer to the CIG Audio team, based at Foundry 42 Ltd in Wilmslow, UK. This is strictly an in-house lead role, requiring previous senior duties and at least five years’ industry experience.

The ideal applicant will have high levels of ability in organisation, communication and critical reasoning. Experience of working closely with video game production is highly beneficial, as you’ll be expected to help prioritise tasks across the team and assist the Audio Director with managing workloads ; to help make decisions that best serve the needs of the game from an audio perspective.

The successful candidate will be expected to have a high level of competence in creative and technical game sound design, ideally having worked in different middleware environments; and be able to communicate comfortably with the audio team across all sub-disciplines of sound design, dialogue and music. Experience working with marketing departments on sound for promotional material, preparing budgets and lining up resources, and engaging the likes of external composers/post-production houses, would be looked upon favourably.

This role will require some management and evaluation across the board, with the candidate having responsibility for evaluating and acquiring tools, booking selected outsourcers, co-ordinating with accounts, the IT department, etc. – engaging with the audio team to enable those you’re working alongside to perform at their peak.

As Star Citizen is very technical in nature you’ll be expected to understand and collaborate with other sound designers and audio programmers in driving progression in technical areas, and be comfortable in setting technical guidelines and communicating these internally. Knowing how sound design is carried out in-depth will prove valuable and you will probably have to get your hands dirty with sound design as and when required.

We are a studio based around a combination of Wwise and a modified version of Lumberyard. High levels of experience (ideally having shipped a title) in at least one of these will prove invaluable.

You should be looking at ways to impart your own high standards and ear for quality to other sound designers, enabling them to produce their best work first and foremost. This role is about raising the bar for everyone on the team, working with the Audio Director closely to ensure their vision for audio for the game is carried through to the rest of the team.

The sound of Star Citizen is being forged by a centralised core audio team where all members are encouraged to explore concepts and present ideas to their team mates. This team is a flat hierarchy where responsibility is distributed and you’re expected to be able to distribute work and collaborate in a way that’s compatible with this structure.

In-depth experience of working on FPS titles will prove useful, and a love of space/science fiction always helps!

• High level oversight of the CIG Audio team; leading by example particularly
• Reviewing performance of CIG Audio team members
• Liaising with outsourcers and across internal disciplines as primary audio point person, keeping channels open with e.g. game designers about their audio needs
• Help specify and design audio tools/tech with our audio programming team
• Provide feedback and communicate the bigger vision of the game audio’s audio direction among the wider team
• Collaborate on design approaches to the sound of the game, actively looking to assist others with your experience and knowledge
• Should also be able to work independently as well as collaboratively in a fluid audio team
• As well as some sound design creation and implementation duties, some music and dialogue implementation may be required from time to time

• Solid experience of at least one (preferably multiple) Digital Audio Workstations & various plug-ins (we’re Reaper fans here but you can use what you’re most comfortable with, if you’re capable of producing world class assets in a particular DAW)
• A strong ability to lead, but not to dictate – we have a flat team, we look out for each other
• Solid management and organisational skills – you don’t see these duties as a chore but as a necessary foundation for the team to do their best work
• A working knowledge of common audio middleware and/or proprietary tech. Lumberyard / CryEngine is a real plus point here, also Wwise
• Plenty of general experience using game engines to implement and work with sound. If you’ve used another engine and it does stuff better, we’ll look to replicate it, if it improves things
• A game audio mind-set. E.g. you like to granulate loops and re-sequence that stuff. You wouldn’t be seen dead looping a 30 second wav in a game anymore
• PD, Max/MSP, Python, XML, C++ or C# would be a plus, though we’d hope you wouldn’t need to, it all helps. Some visual programming wouldn’t go amiss either, e.g. Kismet, Flowgraph, Frostbite
• A great show reel of relevant audio work for games
• Great communication skills, both text and verbal
• Skills in Excel and JIRA, etc.

Please apply with a demo-reel/portfolio and any other material you deem relevant. Note this is not a music composition role.

Source: Orca HQ

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