Interesting new audio jobs at Ubisoft, Arrowhead, Naughty Dog, and EA Sports

By March 24, 2017Audio Jobs
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We came across 4 interesting jobs at Ubisoft, Arrowhead, Naughty Dog, and EA Sports – and they’re looking for an Audio Designer, Senior Sound Designers and a Contract Audio Artist.

We’ve also noticed an opening for an Audio Designer at Ubisoft Montreal. Happy job hunting!

Audio Designer
Company: Ubisoft Reflections
Location: Newcastle, UK
Job description

Reflections, a Ubisoft studio is a video games development company based in Newcastle, UK. Collaborating with Ubisoft’s international creative teams on projects such as Assassins Creed Syndicate, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, online open-world RPG The Division as well as the adventure platformer Grow Home. With a host of other top titles to our name such as open-world action adventure Watch Dogs, MMO racer The Crew and the latest instalment in the world’s No.1 dance game franchise Just Dance 2015. Reflections’ objective is to combine technical expertise, flair and innovation to create and contribute to successful and memorable games. We are looking for Pioneering, Obsessive Humans to cement its reputation as an industry leading studio within the UK and the world.

Job purpose
• Work with the Audio team to deliver on the direction and vision of the project

• Work with the Audio Director and Audio Lead to deliver the audio vision for each project
• Take ownership of one or more audio features, and push these as far as possible, both creatively and technically
• Create, integrate, and iterate audio assets to the highest quality levels
• Build key relationships with other disciplines to deliver strong data/gameplay driven audio elements
• Assist the Lead Audio Designer or Audio Director with any other ad hoc responsibilities

Skills & knowledge
• Strong sound design knowledge and skills
• Highly skilled use of sound design tools (such as DAW, plug-ins, synthesis techniques etc.)
• Strong gameplay instincts
• Comprehensive understanding of at least one audio engine (such as Wwise, FMOD, XACT etc.)
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Motivated and pragmatic

Relevant experience
• Bachelor’s degree in audio production or audio engineering or other relevant training
• 2 – 3 years’ experience working within Audio Design, preferably within games, or other relevant experience
• Salary: Competitive + Relocation
• Location: Newcastle upon Tyne, U.K

Senior Sound Designer
Company: Arrowhead Game Studios
Location: Stochkholm, Sweden
Job description

Arrowhead is now looking to hire an experienced sound designer passionate about making games. We are looking for a Senior Sound Designer who has at least three years of experience (or equivalent) in game development. The ideal applicant is always creating high quality audio assets and must feel comfortable working with all the technical aspects of implementation, as well as mixing.

• Experience (3+ years or equivalent, industry or indie) of creation and implementation of audio for game projects using Wwise, Fmod, Unreal Engine 3-4 or other similar implementation tools
• Excellent communication and teamwork skills
• Ability to create audio assets and get them fully implemented in-game
• Ability to drive the vision for the audio-style of a project
• Ability and willingness to learn tools, middleware applications and scripting
• Burning passion for games and games development

Bonus qualities
• Experience with at least one shipped title, preferably on a console platform
• Side projects such as indie-titles, mods or equivalent

Please note
• This job listing is for a full-time senior position, therefore we are unfortunately not accepting any freelancers or students, and you must be able to relocate to Sweden. If you live outside of the country, please also be aware that we are unable to provide help with the relocation costs and you must have a valid working permit when applying.

Senior Sound Designer
Company: Naughty Dog
Location: Santa Monica, CA, USA
Job description

You are a gamer and a sound professional who has a unique passion for making worlds come alive. You are a self-starter who accepts challenges by applying creative problem solving techniques. You are a story teller who believes that immersion is enhanced by a detailed, contextual soundtrack. You perform best when you are a part of a team that works and plays together in concert. You are driven to improve and better understand your craft, rarely finding solace in ‘good enough.’

• Imagine, create and deliver innovative sound design that enhances the narrative of our games
• Work closely with the Audio Lead to help shape our game’s audio vocabulary, style and standards
• Plan, script, and implement your audio designs to deliver immersive, complex aesthetic behaviors
• Work successfully within the established ND sound department model of teamwork throughout the development process and pipeline

Requirements & skills
• 5+ years game audio experience with at least one shipped AAA credit – additional experience in linear post-production is a major plus!
• Expert command of sound design & mixing with a variety of techniques, processes and tools – able to competently produce any kind of audio required for a given task
• Familiarity with Wwise, Fmod, Scream, or similar authoring environment – a grasp of programming fundamentals as they apply to scripting dynamic audio is a bonus
• ADR and Foley experience – able to plan and supervise recording sessions if required
• Fielding Recording experience – a passion for unique, inspired recordings with a knowledge of recording gear, microphones and techniques
• Strong problem solving skills – able to accurately assess issues and formulate creative solutions, whether design or technical
• Excellent communication skills – able to give and request assistance with problems and issues across the development team
• Great team attitude – open to collaboration, sharing and mentoring – you are receptive to changes and direction in this dynamic atmosphere
• As a part of the Naughty Dog application process, candidates will be expected to provide a portfolio or demo reel of their work and may be asked to complete a test.

Source: OrcaHQ
Audio Artist (Contract)
Company: EA Sports
Location: Orlando, FL, USA
Job description

EA SPORTS is one of the leading sports entertainment brands in the world, with top-selling video game franchises, award-winning interactive technology, fan programs and cross-platform digital experiences. EA SPORTS creates connected experiences that ignite the emotion of sports through industry-leading sports video games, including Madden NFL football, FIFA Soccer, NHL® hockey, NBA LIVE basketball, NCAA® Football, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® golf, SSX, and EA SPORTS UFC.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Audio Artist who can make an immediate contribution to audio development within the EA Audioworks team. The successful candidate must be able to work with an audio team for a specific project(s), as well as work with Audioworks Directors to help drive the goals and vision for the group as a whole. This individual should have core experience in various phases of audio design and production, with a higher capacity in – sound design, middleware, and implementation. This candidate will work within the Audioworks team and must have the ability to collaborate with other aspects of game development (i.e. Art, Animation, Engineering, Design, Production, Marketing) to push the quality bar for game audio. The ideal candidate will have a passion for sports and or story-driven video games, with an overwhelming drive to create a world class audio experience. They must be a good problem-solver and a good communicator with some game-creation and good sound creation skills.

The challenge ahead
• Creating quality audio for NBA
• Submitting final audio files on or before required deadlines
• Get up to speed on audio requirements for SFX playback within EA Audio tools
• Sound design of source elements
• Audio post production for video content
• Take direction from the Audio Director on a project, but own the quality of your work

Primary role
• Interactive Audio implementation
    • Translate events and states in the game to appropriate cues, using Frostbite and EA Audio engine visual programming language (similar to MaxMSP or PureData)
    • Create and edit Audio Files, often in multichannel formats, as well as events appropriate for implementation within the system
    • Collaborate with Directors, Peers, Designers, and Software Engineers to achieve the sound needed for the game, in both a creative and technical capacity

Skills & experience
• 2+ years visual programming and/or middleware (Wwise, Unreal, Unity, MaxMsp/PureData/SynthEdit/VSXu/vvvv etc) or textual programming/scripting (C++/python etc)
• 2+ years SFX / Audio editing
• Working with spreadsheet/xml interfaces
• Musical ability always a plus

• Quick learner
• Technical
• Sonically adept (musical composition, or extensive examples of sound design a plus)
• Must demonstrate (with portfolio or writeup+credits):
    • Audio sourcing and editing ability (composition/editing)
    • Balanced mix / frequency response in demos / credited projects
• A knack for SFX composition and editing

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