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By February 2, 2024Audio Jobs
New audio jobs for games and film
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We came across interesting new jobs at Rebel Wolves, Thought Pennies, The Walt Disney Company, and Mobify:

  • Rebel Wolves is hiring a Sound Designer to support their in-house audio team (Poland / Remote)
  • Thought Pennies is looking for a Lead Audio Designer to lead the technical and creative integration of audio in their epic-fantasy RPG (Remote)
  • The Walt Disney Company is seeking a Temporary Audio Designer to develop and execute the creation of new live show audio designs (FL, US)
  • Mobify requires a Sound Designer to analyze game mechanics and work closely with teams to ensure audio supports the design (Pakistan)

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Highlight – sound stories this week:

Sound Designer
Company: Rebel Wolves
Location: Warsaw, Poland / Remote
Job description

Rebel Wolves is, at its core, a team of experienced veterans, who want to make great, and innovative Role-Playing Games! We’re working on a brand new AAA story-driven dark fantasy RPG for PCs and consoles in Unreal Engine 5. And we’re looking for you to join us!

Great RPGs tell amazing stories and provide players with genuine emotions. We believe that the sound layer is crucial for the giving-the-thrills kind of experience that we want to create.

You will be supporting our in-house audio team in creating and editing sound effects. Your daily work will include gathering, recording and editing source material, layering and processing to create the desired sound effect, mastering the assets to the required loudness standards and preparing the Reaper sessions for exporting into WWISE.

You will work closely with our audio team during the planning and execution of your tasks.

Apart from sourcing your material from our extensive library you will use first-class indoor and outdoor recording equipment to gather source material that is unique to our game.

Important note: Living close to Warsaw is a plus since you can help us with recording tasks. However we encourage sound designers from around the world to apply since there is a lot of work which can be done fully remote!

Here is what we require:
  • 2 years of experience as a Sound Designer or in a similar role (working on AAA and/or RPG games is a plus but not required).
  • Practical knowledge of various sound design, mixing and mastering techniques.
  • Ease in using sound effect library resources (Soundly, Sound Miner).
  • Skilled in cleaning and editing source material with tools like iZotope RX.
  • Fluent in using the Reaper DAW for layering, editing, processing, mixing, mastering and exporting sounds.
  • Solid knowledge of outdoor and studio recording equipment operation.
  • Ability to define goals, work with deadlines and adjust workflows when necessary.
  • Fluent English and exceptional communication skills.
  • Knowledge of implementing sounds in WWISE / Unreal Engine 5 is a plus.
Here is what we offer:
  • A part-time B2B contact (20 hours / week, flexible working hours).
  • Contracts will initially be renewed on a monthly basis.
  • Depending on future workload, increasing the amount of hours or the renewal period is open for discussion.
  • Professional outdoor recording equipment and an in-house studio to work at.
  • Competitive compensation.
  • Remote work options: partially, or fully remote. Due to the recording part of the position, being available partially for on-site work is a plus, but not a requirement.
  • Strict no-crunch working environment, based on trust and mutual respect.
Notes about the portfolio
  • We’re looking for a sound designer, please don’t include music.
  • Make sure your choice of material fits within the genre of a dark fantasy RPG.
  • Keep it short but detailed. Showcase all types of sounds (ambience, Foley, spot effects, fight sounds, creature effects).
  • Make your portfolio easily accessible (YouTube, Vimeo, video on your homepage, no direct downloads please). Make sure we can access the link (permissions, passwords)!
Still here? Good!
Drop us a line together with your CV and portfolio link at [recruitment@rebel-wolves.com] with the subject line “Sound Designer”.

We’re waiting for you!

Please be advised that we will contact only shortlisted Candidates.
Source: Skillshot.pl
Lead Audio Designer
Company: Thought Pennies
Location: Remote
Job description

Thought Pennies Entertainment is a Role-Playing Game studio creating games focused on social storytelling. We celebrate diversity and a people-first approach to game development. We are fully remote.

The Lead Audio Designer has the key role in crafting the audio experience for an epic-fantasy RPG world. This designer leads both the technical and creative integration of audio throughout the game, inclusive of environments, cinematics, procedural content, combat, UI, and all other facets where audio can enrich the experience. This person will partner with the creative director in setting tone in sound effects, VO, ambient sound, and musical direction. They will partner with the Technical Director and engineering team for pipeline needs and efficiency. They will also be responsible for all partner selections (composers, additional designers, etc.). Thought Pennies uses Unreal Engine 5 and pipelines are built for current and future use in the engine.

This role requires a solid understanding of branching RPGs, especially dark fantasy aesthetics and current AA-AAA quality, as well as a masterful grip on contemporary storytelling and drama. This is a hands-on position, by which the Lead Audio Designer will create and implement exceptionally memorable audio aspects of cinematics and gameplay.

What you do
  • Set the bar for audio by creating high-quality, memorable, and impactful game moments in cinematics and gameplay.
  • Establish audio creation and implementation guidelines and processes, plus review and implementation criteria.
  • Work closely with the studio and direct external partners to ensure audio carries a cohesive quality and are on-style, at-quality, and on-brand.
  • Collaborate with engineers, artists and designers to support a smooth and efficient workflow for audio implementation.
  • Validate audio implementation and ensure intended in-engine use.
  • Build and lead all audio; direct asset work, appraise performance, resolve issues.
  • Value schedule and logistics, and partner with production to fit goals within them, building the most efficient pipeline possible.
  • Contribute to a studio culture committed to craft, collaboration, and empowerment.
What you bring
  • 7+ years game development experience with a focus on audio pipelines.
  • 3+ years of experience directing and overseeing other artists, including freelancers and vendors.
  • Proven organizational, supervisory, and collaboration skills.
  • Deep expertise with contemporary audio implementation within Unreal 5.
  • A robust understanding of game engine (e.g., Unreal 5) pipelines as pertains to authoring, implementation, in-game dynamics, and technical performance.
  • Experience creatively directing sound in both linear and non-linear formats.
  • A solid grip on fantasy aesthetics and dramatic storytelling.
  • You enjoy collaboration, leading with empathy, and the giving and taking of feedback.
Great to have
  • Prior experience developing 3rd person action games, especially in Unreal 4 or 5.
  • Prior experience with procedural authoring techniques (Unreal framework, Wwise).
  • Wide sound culture chops (theater, film, music, games).
  • Good experiences collaborating with external partners, composers, VO directors and outsourcing.
Source: GrackleHQ
Temporary Audio Designer
Company: The Walt Disney Company
Location: Celebration, FL, US
Job description

Through innovative storytelling and a culture of collaboration, Disney Live Entertainment creates, produces, and delivers remarkable and engaging entertainment experiences! From the intimate to the spectacular, our work can be seen at Disney theme parks, resort hotels, cruise ships, and other locations the world over. This team with varied strengths – representing a wide variety of subject areas and talents from technical directors, writers, and lighting designers to choreographers, cosmetologists, and music producers – brings magical worlds to life through technical expertise, performance excellence, outstanding resourcefulness, unparalleled spectacle… and a dash of pixie dust!

As an Audio Designer with Disney Live Entertainment – Disney Signature Experiences you will be responsible for developing and executing all aspects related to the creation of new live show audio designs, as well as remounts of existing seasonal shows and creative sustainment of current shows for Disney Cruise Line Entertainment.

You will report to the Audio Designer Principal.

Responsibilities/You Will
  • The Audio Designer is responsible for developing and executing audio designs for live shows and facility infrastructure as assigned.
  • Realize and maintain the design intent through the effective execution of the creative process.
  • Participate in project’s creative development.
  • Audio support for Disney Cruise Lines Toronto rehearsal facility as required.
  • Stay current with audio technology research and development efforts within industry.
  • Partner with consultant audio designers and vendors to ensure Disney quality, compatibility, training and proper documentation of all audio services delivered.
  • Function as a resource to maintain the proper training of shipboard technicians.
  • Conduct on-going “Entertainment Show Quality” evaluations of existing offerings and provide support to maintain their original show intent.
  • Maintain up-to-date show documentation.
  • Partners with shipboard Manager of Entertainment Technical and shipboard entertainment technical teams with regards to past, present and future show installations.
  • Complies with set policies and procedures as well as all maritime and ship rules, regulations and procedures.
  • Partner with shoreside Entertainment Technical Leadership, Disney Cruise Line Safety partners and the Standards and Sustainment team to ensure Safety Management Systems and Operating Guideline documentation is up to date and in accordance with current safety and regulatory practices.
Basic Qualifications/You Will Have
  • Minimum 5 years' operating live shows in the Entertainment Industry
  • Proven, strong and up-to-date knowledge of all aspects of audio design, styles (theatrical, industrial, concerts, etc.), technology and facility systems
  • Demonstrated strong verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to express creative ideas
  • Experience supporting the creative process by collaborating with other designers, directors, writers, and producers
  • Demonstrated commitment to ongoing personal education
  • Ability to be flexible with work schedule, including nights, weekends, holidays and travel
Preferred Qualifications
  • Experience live show development with The Walt Disney Company
  • Experience with facility design, engineering, and construction
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the Walt Disney culture
  • Proficiency in current release of AutoCAD, Q-Sys Designer, SMAART, and speaker prediction software.
Required Education
  • Bachelor's degree in Theatrical Design or Electronics with focus on live sound reinforcement, or equivalent.

Disney offers a rewards package to help you live your best life. This includes health and savings benefits, educational opportunities and special extras that only Disney can provide. Learn more about our benefits and perks at https://jobs.disneycareers.com/benefits.

Sound Designer
Company: Mobify
Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Job description


Mobify is looking for a “Sound Designer” to join our Games Department.

  • Analyze game mechanics and determine an appropriate audio treatment.
  • Work closely with game designers, level designers and programmers to ensure that the audio design supports the design intention.
  • Use your knowledge of audio tools and game editors in order to integrate audio content, fix bugs and create new functionalities.
  • Apply audio concepts (sound manipulation tools, music theory etc.) as part of your working audio designs.
  • Understands the basic processes and typical game production life cycles
  • Audio documentation.
  • Knows the importance of documentation and planning for game productions and create additional documentation if needed.
  • Music and Audio Design.
  • Solid skills in various DAWs (Reaper – is preferred, Nuendo, Cubase, Pro Tools, Ableton…) and Audio Editing Tools (Sound Forge, Wavelab…)
  • Has basic knowledge of music theory and concepts (rhythm, harmony, etc)
  • Is able to create and implement audio content – SFX, Foley, UI/Menu, Music etc.
  • Is comfortable working with audio pipeline packages.
  • Understands the functions of an audio engine.
  • Has knowledge about field recording (ambiance sounds).
  • 2+ years of experience in gaming industry.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Software Engineering, IT, or related fields.
About Us:

Mobify believe in the miracles of "can do attitude" and "team work" So we provides you a platform where you can work by teaming dreamingly & on enhancing your skills without any intrinsic or extrinsic barriers.

We mobifies the entertainment industry in form of games along with provision of apps that boosts up the productivity and accelerates the work. At mobify, we are strongly grounded on the basis of moving ahead continuously and contributing everyday a little more than yesterday.

What you will learn: • Build challenging and rewarding experiences.
• Work and learn with experienced professionals.
• Grow your network of like-minded professionals.
• Nab yourself a job in a professional environment.

What we OFFER:
• Free Lunch.
• Free Transport.
• Bonuses.
• Provident Fund.
• Winter Vacations.

To learn more about us please visit: https://mobify.tech/

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