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New audio jobs for game audio and film sound

20 great new audio jobs at Tsugi, Ubisoft Reflections, Native Instruments, Netflix Blue, Mass Audio Post, Skeleton Key, Apple, Fitzrovia, EA Create Audio, Goalhanger Podcasts, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Independent Artist Group, CCP, Unfold Games, BBC TV News, Apple Hardware, HumblePod, Aalborg University, and ESPN

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Wanted: Freelance Sound Editor, Lead Audio Designer, Senior Technical Sound Designer, Product Manager, Lead Audio Designer, Sound Analysis Software Engineer, Audiobooks & Podcasts Business Development Manager, Development Director, Trainee Assistant Producer, Department Manager, Assistant – Music Touring, Audio Programmer, Sound Designer, Technical Sound Operator, Acoustics DSP Engineer, Podcast Coordinator, PhD Fellow in Personalized 3D Sound, PhD Fellow in Human-Computer Interaction, and Music Coordinator

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