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New audio jobs for game audio and film sound

20 great new audio jobs at Microsoft, Coatsink, Apple, Roblox, CI Games, Sony UK, Avid, Jyamma Games, University of York, Smilegate, Mediatonic, Riot Games Shanghai, Infinity Ward, Studio Master, Middle East Broadcasting Networks, Frontier, Public Audio, AITC, and DFAD

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Wanted: Junior Sound Designer, Senior Sound Designer, Senior Mid Sound Designer, Technical Director – Voice Systems, PhD Studentship in Sound Interactions in the Metaverse, Audio Director, Lead Audio Designer, Senior Brand Manager for Music, Dialogue Recordist, DevOps Developer Audio Products, Assistant Sound Engineer, Research Intern – Audio and Acoustics, Sound Designer, Senior Dialogue Designer, Technical Audio Designer, Senior Audio Designer, Technical Sound Designer, and Core Audio Triage Engineer

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