Great new audio jobs at Ubisoft, Magic Leap, Frontier, Cloud Imperium, Oculus, and Aalto University

By February 13, 2018Audio Jobs
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We came across great new jobs at Ubisoft, Magic Leap, Frontier, and Cloud Imperium – and they’re looking for a Lead Technical Sound Designer, Technical Sound Designer, Graduate Audio Designer, and Sound Designer.

Bonus: The Audio Jobs group also has opportunities for a Sound Designer at Oculus, Professor of Practice in Sound in Virtual Reality at Aalto University, and Senior Audio Programmer and Junior Audio Programmer at Cloud Imperium. Happy job hunting!

Lead Technical Sound Designer
Company: Ubisoft
Location: Lyon, France
Job description

Ubisoft is one of the world leaders in the creation, editing and distribution of video games and interactive services, with a rich portfolio of internationally acclaimed brands. Ubisoft’s teams, through its worldwide network of studios and distribution subsidiaries, are committed to providing players with original and unforgettable game experiences on all popular platforms.

As part of its development, Ubisoft is looking for a a Lead Technical Sound Designer M/F for its Production Studio, Ivory Tower, based in Lyon and creator of the successful title The Crew.

The main and routine tasks of the audio director are to:
• Assess needs and quality with the Audio Director, define actions to take accordingly after consulting the team and other departments if applicable
• Prototype and communicate the “how to” meet the art and tech objectives to the team with the Audio Director and Associate Producer
• Represent the team in discussions when general sound design expertise is needed
• Help to assess the risks concerning his scope, and to find mitigations
• Establish and document the technical audio charter based on the creative direction and define technical audio needs (tools, process, etc.) for the project to ensure proper integration, in collaboration with the Audio Director and the programmers. Ensure technical watch and share it with other teams
• Design and integrate audio content for the game
• Leads performance optimization phases and debugging phases, in collaboration with the Audio Director and Associate Producer
• Ensure that best work practices are implemented and optimized within the team to guarantee the validity and integrity of the data, in collaboration with the associate producer
• Supervise the work of the audio team from technical perspectives by providing individual feedback and/or actively participate to group audio reviews to ensure that the team’s work meets quality standard, technical constraints and remains in line with the audio vision
• Determine project human resource needs for the audio group with the associate producer and audio director, follow up and foster the team on their technical development to make them progress in their careers
• Communicate and share knowledge and experiences with other leads (internal or within Ubisoft) to ensure the effectiveness of the audio community and its evolution within the group

• Bachelor’s degree in music or audio or professional training in audio
• Computer science training an asset
• At least eight years’ experience in audio production for video games
• Delivery of over three AAA games as part of a production team (mandatory)
• Strong ability of problem solving, artistic vision “translation” and ability to challenge
• Strong communication skills with various people (art / tech / prod / etc., sound designers junior and seniors, etc.), pleased to work in team
• Wwise and audio post process plugins mastering, performance optimization strong knowledge, knowledge of the audio engines available on the market is an asset
• Experience in Vehicle sonorization would be an asset
• Organization skills, rigorous, autonomous, ability to plan and to step back to anticipate needs and risks
• Technical curiosity, creativity
• Ability to provide constructive feedback
• Resilient to stress and able to work with tight deadlines
• Ability to quickly learn and master new softwares
• Extensive knowledge of DAW tools (e.g. Pro Tools, Sound forge, MIDI)
• Solid knowledge of studio audio equipment and the research process

Technical Sound Designer
Company: Magic Leap
Location: Planation, FL, USA
Job description

A Technical Sound Designer at Magic Leap contributes to both Mixed Reality experiences in current production and conducts R&D on behalf of advanced concepts. Your work forms the connective tissue between the creative and technical arts. You will work with both a small team dedicated to developing innovative audio tools and workflows for a cutting edge Mixed Reality platform and with cross-disciplinary teams supporting the integration of music, sound design, dialogue and audio behaviors.

The ideal candidate is a master of game audio middleware, a quick and enthusiastic learner, an excellent problem solver, and embraces both the creative and technical challenges that arise at the interstices of new frontiers in computing, audio, and interactive entertainment.

• Responsible for the integration of Music, Dialog, Sound Effects, Sound Design into Mixed Reality games and experiences
• Scripting within Unity and Unreal
• Contributing to R&D of our Mixed Reality Audio Tool Kit
• Collaborating with composers and sound designers, in support of innovative audio behaviors
• Contribute to the overall soundscape design for Interactive media (games and other experiences)
• Integrating new digital processing techniques into Mixed Reality Experiences
• Testing and debugging

• Experience integrating audio in game engines (Unity/Unreal)
• Highly proficient in Wwise, and familiar with other middleware solutions
• Substantial knowledge of scripting for game engines and audio middleware (Familiarity with C#, C++)
• Background in Audio Engineering (Recording, Mixing, Mastering)
• Conduct field and studio recordings; produce, edit, mix and integrate sound effects.
• Mastery of current pro audio tools (digital audio workstations, microphones, outboard gear)
• Passion for developing best practices and innovative audio integration techniques for interactive games and Mixed Reality Experiences
• Self-disciplined able to meet deadlines
• Excellent organization and communication skills
• Ability to provide and accept critical feedback in a professional manner
• 5+ years experience in a similar role

• Familiarity with Perforce (P4)
• Familiarity with Unreal Blueprints
• Familiarity with procedural sound design concepts
• Ability to play a traditional musical instrument
• Understanding of and familiarity with 3D spatialized audio
• Experience with Fabric and FMOD
• Live/Concert audio support

• Computer science-related university degree or equivalent experience

Graduate Audio Designer
Company: Frontier Developments
Location: Cambridge, UK
Job description

Frontier Developments plc is a developer and creator of best in class computer and video games. Frontier publishes its own IP, Elite: Dangerous and the just released Planet Coaster.

Frontier is looking for an exceptional and talented Graduate Audio Designer to join our growing team in Cambridge, UK. You will work closely with our Marketing Department creating fantastic sounding trailers, teasers and programme materials, so the focus is on your linear track laying and design skills. Music production skills are a bonus but not necessary. You will work under the instruction of the Senior Audio Designer (Marketing).

This is a fantastic role for those wishing to get a start in audio in the games industry. There may be opportunities in the future to move into the game development side of audio if you have what it takes.

Key Accountabilities:
• Creative sound design using recorded, library and synthetic materials
• Audio Editing
• Music Editing
• Linear Track Laying
• Stereo Mixing
• Working with OMF/AAF protocols
• Ability to quickly absorb the character and vision of the product
• As part of Creative Services, you’ll have to be able to constructively share the sonic vision of marketing products with the rest of Creative Services / Marketing and other departments.
• Report to the Senior Audio Designer (Marketing) and Head of Audio.

Personal Qualities:
• Demonstrate outstanding attention to detail.
• Have a passion for audio and drive to make marketing and public facing materials sound great.
• Have a positive outlook.
• Have excellent verbal and written communications skills

Essential Qualifications & Experience:
• Have knowledge of recording techniques, microphone placement, foley sound creation and on-location recording
• Possess a high level of ability and familiarity with Pro-Tools (preferred) and/or Cubase/Nuendo/Reaper etc and Sound Forge and the integrated use of plug-ins and OMF transfer protocols
• Have experience creating sound effects using custom recordings and library material to generate content
• Demonstrate excellent sourcing, editorial and track laying potential. Mixing and mastering skills in both stereo and 5.1 surround will form part of your training but a keen interest and some knowledge of sound recording, design and mixing methods are preferred.

• Preferably possess a qualification in music tech/sound design or a related field.

Additional Information:
• If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please complete the application form including a CV and links to any reels/demos.
• We are not looking for applicants who wish to work from home, or on a freelance basis.

Sound Designer
Company: Cloud Imperium
Location: Manchester, UK
Job description

Cloud Imperium Games is looking to add an experienced Sound Designer to the CIG Audio team, based at Foundry 42 Ltd in Wilmslow, UK. This is potentially open to anyone from junior to principal level.

The ideal applicant will have strong technical knowledge of Wwise middleware, and will have shipped at least one title, ideally more; the successful applicant will be expected to be able to adjust to different development tools as we’re developing a lot of our own tech. This project is very technical in its nature and as such you’ll be expected to drive progress of systems and tools and pick up our toolset (based on Amazon Lumberyard) quickly.

As a Sound Designer, as well as the usual prerequisites of producing world class sound content and setting a high audio standard internally, you will assist in pushing for a high quality bar and you should have an idea of how to push it higher! The sound of Star Citizen is being forged by a centralised core audio team where all members are encouraged to explore concepts and present ideas to their team mates. In depth experience of working on FPS titles will prove useful, and a love of space/science fiction always helps! Please apply with a demo-reel/portfolio.

• Have a genuine passion for games and be invested in the latest developments within game sound
• World class sound effect design and implementation. We may have a lot of memory and CPU to play with but you’ll still want to spend them wisely
• Act as primary audio point person, liaising with game designers about their audio needs
• Specify and design audio tools for our audio programming team. If you can talk their language(s), so much the better
• Responsive to feedback from peers on the team. We should be able to criticise each other’s work
• Innovative and adaptable; able to drive new audio features and develop methodologies for continuous improvement across the department
• Collaborate on design approaches to the sound of the game, actively looking to assist others with your experience and knowledge
• Should also be able to work independently, take ownership of aspects of the sound and achieve impressive results
• Keen to collaborate closely with members of the wider team making Star Citizen and Squadron 42 a brilliant experience
• Liaising with world class outsource resources – we get the best to help us, and you need to be able to talk with them to get what material we need
• Some music and dialogue implementation may be required – it’s all sound after all

• Solid experience of at least one (preferably multiple) Digital Audio Workstations & various plug-ins (we’re Reaper fans here but you can use what you’re most comfortable with, if you’re capable of producing world class assets in a particular DAW)
• A working knowledge of common audio middleware and/or proprietary tech. Lumberyard / CryEngine is a real plus point here, also Wwise
• Plenty of general experience using game engines to implement and work with sound
• A game audio mind-set. E.g. you like to granulate loops and re-sequence that stuff. You wouldn’t be seen dead looping a 30 second wav in a game anymore
• PD, Max/MSP, Python, XML, C++ or C# would be a plus, though we’d hope you wouldn’t need to, it all helps. Some visual programming wouldn’t go amiss either, e.g. Kismet, Flowgraph, Frostbite
• A great show reel of relevant audio work for games
• Great communication skills, both text and verbal
• International travel may be required as part of the role

Source: Lee Banyard

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