Great new audio jobs at Bungie, Disney, Tsugi, Ubisoft, EA DICE, Infinity Ward, Muvik Labs LLC, BDS, Gizmodo, KPCB, American Public Media Group, Bose, and Shure

By April 1, 2019Audio Jobs
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We came across interesting new jobs at Ubisoft Philippines, EA DICE, Tsugi, and Infinity Ward – and they’re looking for Audio Designers, Sound Design Intern, and Audio Programmer.

We also found openings for a Sound Designer at Bungie, Sound Designer Programmer at Muvik Labs LLC, Freelance VR Sound Designer/Composer at BDS, and Audio Lead via Randstad General Staffing.

Plus there are new audio jobs in podcast production at Gizmodo, KPCB, Disney, American Public Media Group, as well as audio engineering jobs at Bose and Shure from the Hey Audio Student Facebook group.

Happy job hunting!

Audio Designer
Company: Ubisoft Philippines
Location: Santa Rosa, Philippines
Job description

The Audio Designer participates in implementing parts of the artistic and technical content of the soundtrack  and supports its integration.


  • Works on the creation and implementation of all the sound effects including sound on animations, cutscene and scripted events
  • Responsible for the Ambient Dialogue in-game implementation
  • Works closely with Gameplay Programmers, Animators, and Level Designers to ensure that the audio design supports the game design
  • Innovates and resolves technical problems for the artistic development of tools used in video game production in order to improve work processes
  • Respects budget, performance constraints, and milestone deliveries
  • Verifies the quality by testing and optimizing the sound integrated into the game
  • Creates the asset lists
  • Documents processes and procedures
  • Debugs and tweaks sound implementation
  • Maintains the sound studio
  • Follows directions and actively communicates all dependencies, changes, and tasks completion to the Lead Audio Designer
  • Holds regular meetings with the Lead Audio Designer to ensure that the quality and artistic directions match expectations


  • Strong background in audio engineering with a solid understanding of signal processing, 3D positional audio and mastering
  • Preferably with 5 years of sound engineering and audio-post production experience
  • Good knowledge on industry standard DAW and tools (e.g. Protools, Nuendo, Sound Forge, Soundminer, Basehead, etc.)
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to comprehend on fast phase and complex game environments.
  • Self-driven, autonomous, team player and eager to learn
  • Must be motivated and passionate about sound design and implementation


  • Strong gameplay instincts
  • Knowledge of at least one current game audio engine (e.g. Wwise, FMOD, XACT, etc)
  • Foley/ Field recording experience
  • C++ or similar audio programming languages

Additional Information
To all applicants: Kindly upload your cover letter, resume and portfolio.
Your portfolio should demonstrate adequate sound editing and sound design work.

Company Description
Ubisoft is committed to enriching players’ lives with original & memorable entertainment experiences. Ubisoft builds worlds that are a playground for the imagination, offering moments of surprise, fun and adventure as well as opportunities for learning and self-discovery.

With over 30 locations worldwide, 94 nationalities and 55 spoken languages, Ubisoft teams are a creative force with a diverse range of specialties in development, business and operations. Through cross-studio collaboration and a forward-looking approach, they dream up new ideas, anticipate new technologies, and continually enhance their expertise.

From breathtaking gaming experiences to award winning marketing campaigns, Ubisoft creates engaging worlds that foster passionate communities.

Sound Design Intern
Company: EA DICE
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Job description

DICE.Sound is looking for a highly driven Sound Design Interns to work alongside their in-house team as they design and implement audio assets for high-profile, action-packed titles for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We want you to be passionate about making great games, be a strong problem-solver and an effective communicator. We will expect you to demonstrate excellent sound creation skills and whilst some prior knowledge of game-creation is a bonus, it isn’t expected.

What Skills Does DICE Look For?

  • Desire to develop game audio, audio production and engineering skills.
  • Proficient with modern studio hardware, recording techniques, and software such as Pro Tools, Reaper, Sound Forge, Waves plugins, RX etc.
  • Proficient with recording gear and techniques.
  • Outstanding sound design skills and listening skills.
  • Excellent team and communication skills.
  • Strong artistic and creative sense.
  • Knowledge of audio middleware, e.g. WWISE, FMOD, Unity etc. useful but not essential
  • Knowledge of graphical audio programming, e.g. Reaktor, Max-MSP, Pure Data, useful but not essential

We Thought You Might Also Want To Know
This internship needs to be associated with a University education or any other type of education that has an internship period planned into the education plan. We are not able to provide relocation services for this role, so we will only consider candidates already residing in Sweden.

Please apply online with a CV and Cover Letter. Only applicants with a portfolio will be considered and you may be asked to perform a work assignment during the hiring process. This internship would preferably run from March to June 2019.

We are DICE
We entertain millions of people across the globe with the most amazing and immersive interactive software in the industry. But making games is hard work. That’s why we employ the most creative, passionate people in the industry.

DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), the award-winning developer based in Stockholm, Sweden, is best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise.

Audio Programmer
Company: Tsugi
Location: Niigata City, Japan
Job description

Are you ready for the adventure of your life? Move to Japan and help us develop the future of game audio! As part of our R&D team, you will design systems that will be used by major Japanese and Western game studios across their titles.

Basic skills required:
• Good knowledge of C++ and/or C#
• Solid foundation in maths
• Good understanding of DSP algorithms (especially sound synthesis and analysis)
• Keen eye for optimization of resources and CPU usage
• Good written and verbal communication in English
• Excellent organizational skills, resourceful and autonomous
*Not* required, but experience / knowledge in one or more of these could be interesting:
• VST / AAX plug-in development
• JUCE audio framework
• macOS development
• Current game audio middleware (e.g. Wwise / FMOD Studio)
• AI and neural networks
• Game console programming (Xbox One, PS4 etc…)
• Mobile platform programming (iOS, Android)
• Development with game middleware such as Unity or Unreal

• Salary and title based on skills and experience
• Annual bonus based on employee and company performance
• Health insurance and retirement plan
• 5-day working week, with 8-hour work per day (flexible schedule with core hours)
• National holidays and 2 weeks of paid holiday (increases with time in company)
• Commute paid by company
• If you are not in Japan: help to relocation and sponsoring of your visa

This position is based in our office in Niigata, Japan. We are located in the center of the city (8-minute walk from the main train station). Niigata is famous for its awesome food and is less than 2 hours away from Tokyo (this position may include one-day trips to Tokyo to visit clients). Japanese language skills are not required for this job.

Send your resume to jobs (at) tsugi-studio (dot) com

Source: @tsugistudio
Sound Designer
Company: Infinty Ward
Location: Woodland Hills, CA, USA
Job description

As a Sound Designer at Infinity Ward, you will use your technical and creative audio skills to bring life to the action in our next big adventure.Joining an award winning team, you will help create a cinematic soundscape for our next AAA title from inception, leveraging your passion, experience and critical thinking to help guide team decisions and provide valuable input to your peers. All while applying your own craft to deliver experiences that exceed player expectations. If you have a great ear for sound that matches our award winning line up, we would like to “hear” from you!

• Contribute to all aspects of sound design, implementation, post-production, and audio engineering.
• Create and implement sound effects.
• Assist with field recordings.
• Assist with audio R&D and tool development.

• 3+ years of industry related experience (with two or more published AAA game credits).
• Audio recording, processing, and mixing skills – particularly with sound effects and dialog.
• Knowledge and experience with current pro audio tools, such as Pro-Tools, Sound Forge, Waves and other high-end plug-ins, etc. – as well as professional outboard gear, recording gear, and microphones.
• Excellent PC/Mac skills and proficiency with word-processing, spreadsheet, and database applications.
• Surround-sound (Dolby Digital/AC3, Pro-Logic I/II) mixing experience is a plus.
• Programming or scripting skills is a plus.
• Excellent organization and communication skills.
• Good work ethic and a positive attitude.
• College degree (or equivalent) preferred, but not required.

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