Working in Sound: An interview with Frozen Planet II Co-Composers Adam Lukas & James Everingham

Frozen Planet 2 Music composers What did it take to do the music for the stunning BBC series Frozen Planet II? Find out in Kaya Savas’ interesting new interview with Frozen Planet II Co-Composers Adam Lukas & James Everingham:

Here’s the official introduction:

Composers Adam Lukas and James Everingham take us into their score for the awe-inspiring Frozen Planet II, which they co-composed with Hans Zimmer for Bleeding Fingers Music.

Learn about Adam and James, and how they found their path to composing. Adam and Lukas also discuss what the process is working at Bleeding Fingers Music, and how the duo became a perfect match when paired to co-write the score for Frozen Planet II.

We break down the production pipeline process for scoring an iconic BBC Earth docuseries, and how Adam and James worked with Hans Zimmer as well as featured vocalist AURORA on the score. Adam and James also talk about helping to create the custom “Fractured Strings” library with Hans Zimmer and Spitfire Audio that was utilized in scoring Frozen Planet II:

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