Working in Sound: Voice actor David Bateson talks 20 years as ‘Hitman Agent 47’:

Voice Actor Voice actor David Bateson has been the voice of the lead character in the Hitman game franchise for 20 years – and in this interview from The Note Show he tells the story behind his decades of work as that iconic character. Here’s the official introduction by Joshua Note:
“Today we have the unparalleled pleasure of welcoming David Bateson to The Note Show. You’ll know David’s face and voice from his work over the last 20 years as Agent 47 in the iconic Hitman games. But there’s so much more that you may not know about him! Join us as we delve into his thoughts on acting, explore his huge appreciation for his fans and discover the origins of his mysterious accent…”
Topics in this episode:

• Covid-19’s impact on the voice artist industry
• Time for home improvements
• The beauty of being in the right place at the right time
• Metamorphising into a role and syncing into a character
• Juggling commitments
• The development of soundtracks in games
• How Agent 47 nearly met his end in 2012
• The relationship with fans is a two way street
• Unearthing lost inboxes
• Committing the perfect crime
• Moving around and unplaceable accents
• Reading people and the ability to be someone else
• Christmas comical theatre
• The one downside to living in Copenhagen
• Lightmatter a new kind of game
(via The Note Show)

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