20 great new audio jobs at Molinare, PlayStation Studios Creative Arts, Tactic Studios, Yellow Brick Games, Sound Particles, NCSOFT, KWS Bothell, Team17, Twin Suns Corp, Starbreeze, Bungie, NetherRealm, EA, PlayStation, ArenaNet, Creative Assembly, and Squeak E. Clean Studios

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We came across interesting new jobs at PlayStation Studios Creative Arts, Tactic Studios, Yellow Brick Games, and Sound Particles – and they’re looking for a Senior Music Designer (CA, US), Sound Designer (ON, Canada), Audio Designer (QC, Canada), and Audio Software Developer (Portugal).

We also found openings for a Sound Designer at NCSOFT West (WA, US), Junior Audio Designer at KWS Bothell (WA, US), Tools/Audio Engineer at Yellow Brick Games (QC, Canada), Senior Audio Designer at Team17 (England), Senior Sound Designer at Twin Suns Corp (Remote), and Sound Designer at Twin Suns Corp (Remote).

Bonus: The Audio Jobs Facebook and LinkedIn groups also have opportunities for a Senior Dialogue Editor at Molinare (England), Sound Designer at Bungie (WA, US), Associate Sound Designer at NetherRealm Studios (IL, US), Audio Artist at EA Vancouver (BC, Canada), Sound Designer at PlayStation Global (England / Remote), Sound Designer at ArenaNet (WA, US), Development Manager – Audio at Creative Assembly Horsham (England), Studio Assistant at Squeak E. Clean Studios (NY, US), Senior Recording Engineer at Formosa Group Interactive (CA, US), and Sound Designer at Starbreeze Studios (Sweden). Happy job hunting!

Highlight – sound stories this week:

Sound designer/re-recording mixer Peter Albrechtsen on his poetic, abstract approach to sound on the documentary film The Lost Leonardo.

Supervising sound editors Will Files & Doug Murray talk about their incredible adventure of building the sound of The Batman.

Senior Music Designer
Company: PlayStation Studios Creative Arts
Location: San Diego / Los Angeles / San Mateo, CA US
Job description

PlayStation isn’t just the Best Place to Play — it’s also the Best Place to Work. Today, we’re recognized as a global leader in entertainment producing The PlayStation family of products and services including PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®VR, PlayStation®Plus, PlayStation™Now, acclaimed PlayStation software titles from PlayStation Studios, and more.

PlayStation also strives to create an inclusive environment that empowers employees and embraces diversity. We welcome and encourage everyone who has a passion and curiosity for innovation, technology, and play to explore our open positions and join our growing global team.

The PlayStation brand falls under Sony Interactive Entertainment, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation.

Senior Music Designer San Diego, Los Angeles, or San Mateo

PlayStation Studios Creative Arts is an award-winning centralized internal creative agency within Sony’s PlayStation Studios. We seek to build a working environment where our people thrive and create their best work. Structured around eight core teams; Brand Design, UI/UX, Motion, Video, Film, Sound, Music, and Programming, we deliver projects in collaboration with our game development and marketing/PR teams.

PlayStation Studios Creative Arts – Music is seeking a Sr Music Designer. As a music team member, you will be supporting an innovative, award-winning team passionate about producing industry-leading interactive music.

The Sr Music Designer provides music editing, technical implementation, and music production support for the Creative Arts Music team in conjunction with Sony’s worldwide game development partners and global marketing.

The ideal candidate will have a proven and broad understanding of music production, audio middleware, and game development workflows that impact audio and music implementation throughout the production process.

  • Music System Design – Contributes both creatively and technically to the music system design process. Ability to communicate music system specifications to all relevant parties.
  • Music Implementation – Director involvement in the implementation design and planning. Assists in the coordination of technical resources required by middleware applications.
  • Asset Creation – Editing of multitrack and stereo audio files that correlate to creative objectives and preparing music files for in-game use.
  • Asset Organization – Maintains systems for organizing data.
  • Communication – Regular interaction with the development team and Creative Arts Music staff on all related production issues.
  • System Testing – Assists in bug tracking, assignment, and related communication with QA and development teams.
Education & Experience
  • Expert knowledge of commonly used interactive audio tools and digital audio workstations, particularly Wwise and Pro Tools.
  • Thorough understanding of various techniques for implementing game audio and associated technical demands.
  • Minimum three years of industry experience in video game music production with one or more published titles.
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent work experience/skillset.
  • Solid understanding of project schedules and milestone documentation.
  • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills, attention to detail, and ability to multi-task and process knowledge.
  • Experience with JIRA, Confluence, Google Sheets, Microsoft Office, bug tracking databases.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration, verbal and written skills.
  • Able to adapt quickly in a fast-paced, dynamic environment, outstanding interpersonal and facilitation skills.
  • Knowledgeable of current industry trends: up-to-date on competitive products and standard methodologies.
  • Must love games and have a passion for creating them!
Sound Designer
Company: Tactic Studios
Location: London, ON, Canada
Job description

We are looking for a talented Sound Designer to join our team and create a high quality soundscape for an unannounced project. It is a multiplayer, third-person game with a contemporary setting.

A successful candidate will be a skilled and motivated sound designer capable of producing believable sound effects, ambiences, and balanced mixing for a multiplayer game.

Candidates local to Ontario, Canada are preferred, but this is not a requirement.

NOTE: For the foreseeable future, all positions at Tactic Studios will be performed remotely, working from home. We are flexible to accommodate the unique needs you may have to ensure a productive, healthy work environment under the present circumstances.

  • Create custom gameplay and ambient sound effects for a modern 3D video game.
  • Integrate sound effects into levels and animations using a game editor.
  • Adjust audio parameters to create a balanced and believable audio mix.
  • Modify and optimize sound effects based on constructive feedback or technical needs.
  • Expertise creating sound effects using industry standard software (such as Pro Tools).
  • Expertise recording and mixing real-world sounds.
  • Ability to design new sounds for fantasy or sci-fi environments.
  • Understanding of advanced digital signal processing such as reverb, EQ, and filters.
  • Keen ear for sound balance and able to create a dynamic audio mix for a multiplayer video game.
  • Understand technical performance and memory considerations and are committed to creating efficient audio files.
  • Motivated self-starter with exceptional creativity and strong communication skills.
  • Passionate about developing high quality video games.
Bonus Skills
  • Experience with a modern 3D game engine such as Unreal Engine or Unity.
  • Experience with music composition.
How to Apply
You will need to provide:

  • Demo reel featuring sound effects you have created. (required)
  • Resume detailing your experience. (required)
  • Cover letter. (preferred)
  • References. (preferred)

Send the aforementioned items either by link or as an attachment to jobs@tacticstudios.com, subject "Sound Designer".

Audio Designer
Company: Yellow Brick Games
Location: Quebec City, QC, Canada
Job description

Yellow Brick Games is hiring an Audio Designer to join our team of experienced developers working on an exciting new IP. In this role, you will work closely with our Audio director to create the necessary audio systems and audio assets to a high level of quality. You will be involved in virtually every aspect of game audio content development.

We are always on the look out for talented professionals who would be a good fit for our studio. As a company founded during a global pandemic, Yellow Brick Games is open to and experienced with remote work and work from home situations. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to place of origin, age, status, religious beliefs, personal orientations, or physical condition.


• Work closely with our Audio director to create and ensure delivery of high-quality audio systems and efficient workflows for that support the game features.
• Design and Implement audio content into game systems that align with the creative direction.
• Sound effect creation for the exciting new IP.
• Audio asset implementation into middleware and game editor.
• Support and maintain voice and localization pipelines.
• Music editing and dialog processing.
• Documentation of sound features.


• 3+ years of experience as an Audio designer and taking games from concept to completion.
• At least one shipped AAA or AA title in the PC or console space.
• Knowledge in game development audio systems.
• Excellent organization and communication skills.
• Self-sufficient and resourceful; able to identify and work with technical constraints.
• Knowledge of audio fundamentals (Occlusion, Reverb, sound propagation etc.)
• Strong understanding of game audio scripting or other relevant programming environments.
• Experience with Unreal and third-party audio middleware (Wwise) a plus.

Audio Software Developer
Company: Sound Particles
Location: Leiria, Portugal
Job description

We are on a mission to change the future of audio!

Computer Graphics was probably the biggest revolution that happened in the Entertainment Industry over the last 50 year: from animation to visual effects, from video games to VR. But now imagine if we could use the same technology, the same concepts, not for image, but for sound… because that is exactly what we do at Sound Particles.

Sound Particles is creating a new paradigm of audio software, that brings the power of computer graphics into the sound world, and that is the reason why our software is used in all major Hollywood studios, in productions such as Game of Thrones, StarWars, and Dune.

Our technology is used in Cinema, TV, Video Games, VR, Music, and can even be used with AI. We should be doing things right, otherwise, these big companies wouldn't invite us to present our technology to them: Apple, Google, HP, Disney, Pixar, LucasFilm, Warner Bros., Fox, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Blizzard, Playstation, Netflix.

Working at Sound Particles means that you will directly or indirectly work with these companies, and your work will somehow impact the work of these entertainment companies.

Are you ready for the adventure of your life?

About this role We are creating audio software that is used every day by some of the best sound professionals in the world. As such, we need to make sure that the software doesn’t have bugs, crashes, and that presents a good user experience. We’re looking for someone passionate about software development, to join our team of developers to improve our range of audio software.

In this role, you will:
• Develop new approaches and algorithms for audio signal processing.
• Write code in modern C++ (C++ 20), for desktop audio applications (standalone or plugins).
• Write automated tests for your code. • Participate on Scrum meetings (DM, Reviews, Retro, Planning).

• University degree on computer science.
• Ability to understand existing software platform written in C++.
• You’re fluent in English (mandatory) and confident with writing / speaking with customers.
• Eager to improve your development skills
• Proactive
• Great time-management and prioritization skills You can expect a flexible schedule, autonomy, a no-BS fun environment, and flexible holidays.

What will set you apart from other candidates • Know-how with modern C++
• Strong understanding of digital audio principles • Experience developing with audio and plugin frameworks e.g. JUCE, VST plugins, Audio Unit plugins, etc.
• Know-how regarding audio
• Experience using audio software
• Experience developing software in large teams

How do you know if you want to work at Sound Particles?

You are a proactive person. You don’t wait for others to tell you what needs to be done. You understand the mission and culture of a company, and you take the initiative to make things happen. We don’t want to micromanage people and you don’t want people to micromanage you. You are a person full of potential and Sound Particles is the perfect place to help you to leave a mark in the industry.

You seek to learn and want to grow personally and professionally. At Sound Particles, we invest in people, and we want them to become the best versions of themselves. That is why we have multiple training sessions every week, we buy every book requested by someone, we hire top- of – the -class professionals that will help juniors to grow even faster. We are a deep tech startup that wants to leave a mark in the entertainment industry, and we know that we will only achieve that by investing in people and on knowledge.

You have a passion about the entertainment world. If you love movies, or music, or video games, this is the right job for you. Sound Particles wants to change the entertainment world and passionate people bring that extra commitment because of that passion. If you love entertainment as we do , you will better understand our mission, the clients needs, and the overall process. Help us help them.

You welcome change and actually like to drive it . We strive to give our customers the best tools so they can keep making progress with this new 3D world. This means that we have to experiment a lot with new ideas. As expected, some of them will work, others won’t. You need to be willing to be wrong, not afraid to make mistakes and actively learn from the process.

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