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By January 18, 2024Audio Jobs
New audio jobs for games and film
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We came across interesting new jobs at Ubisoft Barcelona, Fuse Games, Saltwater Games, and inMusic:

  • Ubisoft Barcelona is hiring an Audio Designer Intern who is a recent graduate to create and implement assets (Spain)
  • Fuse Games is looking for an Audio Engineer with a growth mindset to help them build amazing games (England)
  • Saltwater Games is seeking a Lead Sound Designer to work closely with the Music Lead and take ownership of the audio pipeline (England)
  • inMusic requires a Marketing Manager to take the lead in crafting and executing cutting-edge marketing strategies for synthesizers, keyboards, and music production (RI, US / Hybrid)

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Highlight – sound stories this week:

Audio Designer Intern
Company: Ubisoft Barcelona
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Job description

What you'll do
  • Creating and implementing assets to meet the requirements under guidance of your peers.
  • Work with the audio team to help ensure high quality deliveries and features.
  • Support task and audio workflow to ensure timely deliverables across multiple concurrent features.
  • Understand how your work fits into a given feature and be able to effectively test and validate that work.
  • Regularly communicate to the team the status of your work including any dependencies or changes.
What you'll bring
  • Background in audio engineering, preferably with an understanding of game audio.
  • Proficiency using industry standard DAWs (Pro Tools, Reaper, etc.)
  • Experience working with Wwise/FMOD highly desirable.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English.
  • Self-driven, team player and willingness to learn.
  • Must be motivated and passionate about sound design and implementation.

Candidates need to be recently graduated from an audio related degree or higher studies
Full time availability is required

Our studio is located in one of the most popular urban area of Europe: Barcelona! We bet that you know Barcelona, either for its amazing architecture / monuments, famous nightlife, restaurants, super weather and beaches, culture or for its great life quality.

Here in Barcelona, as well as in the studio, you will meet people from around the world, eat hundreds of different foods, play different sports, talk about art and history, share amazing life experience with creative, open-minded and dynamic people.

We encourage everyone to inspire the world and build the future! We promote a friendly, creative and passionate culture to develop the best AAA game and invest time in playing any type of games, if it’s together, even better!

Are you ready to join the Ubi family for your new challenge? We are already excited to meet you!

What we offer
  • Restaurant Tickets: 120 € per month (1440€ net/Year).
  • 25 working days of holidays and the day of your birthday.
  • Flexible working hours & Flexible Friday.
  • Work from home (Up to 60 % in a month).
  • Beneficial Price to a Health Care Insurance for you (and eventually to the members of your family).
  • Beneficial Price to Sport activities and gym (app: Andjoy).
  • Access to tax discounts from your public transport and kindergarten costs.
  • Free Fruits and drinks in the Office.
  • Breakfast in the Office.
  • Free access to Ubisoft games on PC / Discounts for Ubisoft console games.
  • Team Building events.

Ubisoft Barcelona as an equal opportunity employer is committed to create an inclusive work environment that reflects the diversity of our player community. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, age, marital status, disability or all the other characteristics that make us different. We've learnt that we thrive on learning from each other, so we don't just welcome but actively hire a range of open-minded people from different backgrounds.

We encourage you to provide
  • CV in English (In respect of the EOE statement we don´t require personal information such as picture, home address, ID number, etc.)
  • Demo reel is mandatory
Source: Pablo Baz
Audio Engineer
Company: Fuse Games
Location: Guildford, England
Job description

Fuse Games. A love of games and a love of making games.

Fuse Games. A love of games and a love of making games.

We understand deeply how games are made from the simple starting point of a one-line idea, through concept, prototyping, pre-production and large scale, multi hundred-person development teams.​

This understanding is underpinned by the huge value of building high performing teams. We work hard to lead, grow, develop and fuse our people together with a clear vision and aligned constraints that are guided by our shared values. Bringing energetic, creative collaboration with a sense of urgency is essential to everything that we do.

At Fuse it’s important for us all to create a space for everyone to feel safe and included in order to be responsibly open, generous and to be their best selves. We encourage curiosity to embrace diverse perspectives, being humble and leading by example.

An Exciting Opportunity:

We are looking for creative, collaborative and passionate people with a growth mindset to help us build amazing games. For us, software is key and we need talented folks who are happiest in engine exploring, ideating, sharing and with a sense of urgency. The games industry is an ever-evolving fast moving one. So, we’d love to have people on board who aren’t afraid to adapt, grow their skills and push both themselves and how we make games at Fuse.

What an Audio Engineer does at Fuse Games:

As an audio engineer at Fuse you’ll work with the whole team to help make our games sound great. This could range from helping animations drive sounds to creating a system to play the perfect music based on what the player is doing. You’ll report to a manager within our experienced team of engineers and will also get direction from our Audio Director.

We believe that collaboration gets the best results. Our audio team works closely with other areas such as gameplay, VFX and UI, as well as audio specialists in design. Everyone at Fuse should expect to be a little bit of a generalist – this is especially true as we grow our team – and this gives an opportunity to bring your unique perspective to problems outside your specialty.

We are looking for talented folks with a growth mindset and must be highly competent in these areas:
  • Be passionate about audio
  • Have strong C++ skills
  • Have worked on at least one multi-platform title
  • Have good communication skills
Additional attributes we also appreciate:
  • Have professional experience with making games in Unreal
  • Have experience with Audio systems
Engineers At Fuse Games

We make video games, not safety critical systems

We aim to entertain. This means our priority should be to make the game better. It’s a useful razor to apply to decision making – if a task doesn’t end up making our games better, it might not be worth taking on.

We can cut corners when it makes sense to – we’re not sending people into space and we don’t have to be worried about never failing. If we can answer a question quickly by hacking in a change, then we can do that as long as we do it knowingly, and appreciating the fact we might need to refactor the approach to build on it.

Proactive and transparent

We don’t wait for the perfect design. We will use our experience to start making the system we expect we will need, knowing that we can change it if our assumptions are wrong.

We inform our team what we are doing so those assumptions can be checked as part of the normal daily business of development. We don’t encourage grand reveals internally and going dark just increases the risk that we’ll turn up with something we don’t really want.

Estimates are just informed guesses, sometime well informed, sometimes stabs in the dark. No-one is expected to be right and estimates are only to be used as a guide to help with scheduling and scoping decisions. We don’t want anyone to lower an estimate to try and please someone else – if you think something is going to take a long time, say so. Expect that if there’s a difference of opinion, that we will discuss that difference. To reconcile misaligned assumptions is a really good thing!

Always playable

The build always needs to be playable so we can review and iterate. Fuse believes the truth of the product is in the software.

This means we need to submit quality code that has been tested before it's been submitted. The systems we create underpin the runtime development of the game. To make sure content and design changes can be tested and reviewed, the game needs to be stable. To test effectively, our engineers need to be aware of what areas are being worked on by the team at large.

Systems also need to be somewhat performant to be enabled by default. Non-performant systems might be available behind debug switches.

Guidelines not rules
  • Our guidelines exist because they aim to make our lives easier. We target:
  • Preventing known mistakes.
  • Promoting efficient, effective workflows.
  • Enabling tooling that can make assumptions.

BUT! There can be justified reasons not to follow the guidelines – as long as you make it clear why you take that decision

Build it for now, refactor it for next time

The priority for a system is always the current shipping game. Prefer to solve concrete issues and make your systems cheap to change later, don't solve all hypothetical future problems. Prefer to assert if an unexpected/unsupported input is encountered, don't make your code too defensive to handle all possible scenarios.

You can think about what ways a system might be extended and can build things in a way that makes that easier, but you don't need to actually build the extensible system now if it's not yet needed. It might never be!

Don't gild the lily. When something is good enough, move on to the next great opportunity.

Always debuggable

Every system we make must be able to be debugged in an effective manner. When things go wrong, we need to be able to diagnose the cause.

Logging pertinent information is critical – any logging is usually better than none. Try to log the causes of behaviour rather than just the symptoms so those symptoms have the context they need .e.g. log that Event A is starting and is trying to spawn X vehicles. We can limit log information behind verbosity settings, so prefer to overcommunicate and then filter that back if it becomes noisy.

Visual debugging is highly encouraged as it can highlight issues difficult to pick up from logs and breakpoints. Visual logging is often useful to communicate an issue to people outside the craft or domain.

Use ensure() and check() calls to catch bad state – especially inputs. It's usually easier to fix an issue when it fails early and when it fails hard.

Audit trails are highly encourage for any pipelines, asynchronous sequences and other multi-frame updates. It is often hard to understand why something has gone wrong when you are missing information about the state of the pipeline along the way.

Don't put up with mediocrity

Our users are developers as well as our players. If the tools are bad, we should fix the tools. Frustrated developers tend to make worse games.

We want key systems to inspire, not just function. We look for opportunities to both excite our players as well as to inspire our designers/artists/fellow engineers. It is impractical to expect everything to be best in class, but we should strive for technical excellence where it matters and execution excellence everywhere else.

Be curious

Understanding more about how things work usually means we can make more effective solutions

Learning is a useful artefact – we don't expect people to have to make up a reason to do work or investigations if the benefit is an increase in knowledge

What’s in it for you? Glad you asked!

We realise it takes world-class people to make world-class games, so we offer competitive compensation packages and a culture that thrives off of creativity and individuality.

We know we’re making games differently now and understand that family is important so offer flexible working hours and a hybrid culture that allows everyone to find the right work/life balance.

In addition, we want people to grow and expand their horizons so we promote a culture of learning and offer opportunities for people to learn new skills.

Lead Sound Designer
Company: Saltwater Games
Location: London, UK
Job description

At Saltwater Games we are pushing the boundaries of interactive and immersive character-based storytelling. We require a Sound Design Lead to craft, implement and take ownership of this audio pipeline across the studio, working closely with the Music Lead.

We offer a friendly, inclusive environment where we support our people to learn and develop along the way. Saltwater Games is a diverse and eclectic bunch of people, we subscribe to some core business values. If you feel you can also get behind these, please apply (if you don't then you shouldn't):

  • We are optimistic & brave
  • We are honest & open
  • We take ownership & responsibility

This is an exciting opportunity to join Saltwater Games and drive the creation and production of sound design across all our games. You will collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to craft immersive sound design experiences across varied exciting projects. You will oversee the complete sound design production effort, its implementation, and the creative and technical advancements for our projects, delivering outstanding audio at every step.

  • Experience of multiple shipped full cycle games with sound or audio design lead responsibilities.
  • Be able to plan and schedule sound design and dialogue efforts while remaining quality focused adhering to deadlines
  • Expert level creative sound design skills and a high level of technical audio standards
  • Expertise with commercial or in-house audio engine solutions, workflows and practices (FMOD and Unity preferred)
  • Creative and logical thinker, looking to advance craft and quality and proactively able to identify problems and drive solutions
  • Effective communication, listening and interpretation skills
  • Strong attention to detail, organised and methodical
  • Experience working with audio for VR games
  • Passionate about video games
  • A team player
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and teams to ensure sound design and dialogue delivery, meeting project specific requirements and aesthetics
  • Under direction, take responsibility for the project(s) sound design and dialogue, ensuring quality and timely delivery to all development teams
  • Plan, oversee, and partake in the creation and implementation of all sound design and dialogue content for your projects, having oversight on all technical areas
  • Drive project-based audio tools development, implementation techniques, keeping current with modern trends, technologies, and practices
  • Work with, and manage external audio outsource within your sound design and dialogue specialism
  • Support with technical audio implementation across the studio
  • Represent the audio team at meetings alongside other department leads producers, marketing teams and company leaders to communicate sound design progress.
  • Salary Range: 40K-50K DOE
  • Remote-first Studio
  • Unlimited holidays
  • Monthly workplace well-being benefit scheme
  • Regular team social events & studio summits and networking opportunities
  • Working alongside a friendly, flexible, and highly talented team
  • Opportunity to work on the future of immersive storytelling and big-name Ips

Our research has suggested that sometimes people from underrepresented groups are less likely to apply to roles unless they meet every single listed requirement. At Saltwater Games we are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive working environment, who you are will always deserve our consideration and recognition, and your application is welcome.

Marketing Manager
Company: inMusic
Location: Cumberland, RI, US
Job description

inMusic is more than just a collection of music technology and consumer electronic brands – we're a passionate family that lives and breathes music. With our finger on the pulse of the DJ, Music Production, Pro Audio, Musical Instrument, and Consumer Electronics industries, we seamlessly integrate and push boundaries with cutting-edge engineering, innovative design, and the latest technology. If you're a fan of Moog, Akai, and Alesis, and M-Audio, you might want to keep reading, because:

We're hiring a Marketing Maestro or Maestra to take the lead in crafting and executing cutting-edge marketing strategies for inMusic's well-known brands in synthesizers, keyboards, and music production. You'll be totally hands-on, bringing your strategic prowess, out-of-the-box thinking, emotional intelligence, and stellar project management abilities to the table.

Our Marketing Managers:
  • Create and implement innovative marketing strategies to drive brand success
  • Lead the development and execution of compelling brand marketing plans and campaigns
  • Manage and coordinate marketing activities across various channels including digital, social media, email, print, and events
  • Stay ahead of market trends and competition to identify new opportunities for brand growth
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure brand consistency and alignment
  • Work closely with Product Development, Sales, and other teams to generate demand and build brand recognition
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and provide data-driven insights and recommendations
  • Keep abreast of industry trends and best practices in marketing
  • Provide guidance, support, and direction to brand marketing staff and cross-functional team members in creative and digital marketing endeavors
You should apply if you check these boxes:
  • At least 5 years of hands-on experience in brand marketing
  • A Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Business, or a related field
  • In-depth knowledge of digital marketing channels and innovative strategies
  • Proven ability to successfully manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels
  • Outstanding project management skills for seamless execution
  • Demonstrated proficiency in analyzing market trends and consumer insights
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to collaborate effectively
  • Ability to thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced, and deadline-driven environment
  • A genuine passion for music and a keen interest in the music technology industry will be highly valued

inMusic USA offers an excellent Total Rewards package that includes generous hybrid work schedule, holidays, medical benefits available within your first 30 days, 401k plans with company match, and employee discounts on inMusic products.

inMusic celebrates diversity. We are an equal opportunity employer, recognizing that future success in a highly competitive marketplace depends on our employees and their development.

All applicants will receive equal consideration for employment at inMusic and we encourage everyone to apply – regardless of color, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion or belief or disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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