Great new audio jobs at Playstation CSG, Obsidian, Valve, Undead Labs, Spilt Milk Studio, Psyonix, US Tech Solutions, Big 3 Media, Sumo Sheffield, Strings and Tins, Lexia Learning, Zynga, and Full Sail University

By January 28, 2019Audio Jobs
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We came across interesting new jobs at Obsidian, Valve, Undead Labs, and Spilt Milk Studio – and they’re looking for Sound Designers!

We also found openings for a Sound Designer at Psyonix, and a Sound Designer at US Tech Solutions.

Bonus: The Audio Jobs group also has opportunities for an Acoustic Systems Engineer and Audio Programmer at Valve, Sound Designer at Big 3 Media, Mid-Level Sound Designer, Senior Sound Designer, and Audio Programmer at Sumo Sheffield, Audio Post Producer at Strings and Tins, Part-Time Audio Production Assistant at Lexia Learning, Senior Digital Audio Designer at Zynga, Mid/Senior Level Sound Designer at Playstation Creative Services Group, and Game Audio Course Director at Full Sail University. Happy job hunting!

Sound Designer
Company: Obsidian Entertainment
Location: Santa Ana, CA, USA
Job description

Obsidian is looking for a creative Sound Designer with the capability to design and implement assets, manage entire projects, and specialize in key audio systems.

Over the course of our 15 years in the industry, Obsidian has sold millions of units, won a ton of awards, and – above all – we’ve always put our players first in every decision we’ve made. Our titles require rich and detailed soundscapes that tell a story as well as empower and move the player. That’s where you come in. The Sound Designer will work closely with the audio and development teams to plan, design, and integrate high quality, engaging sound effects from the conceptual stage all the way through to polished engine integration on our current project, The Outer Worlds.


  • Research, create, implement, mix, and master quality sound effects for a wide variety of gameplay systems using Wwise and Unreal 4
  • Drive forward initiatives from concept through to completion
  • Actively seek ways to improve audio tools and workflow pipelines
  • Work closely with the Audio Director, Audio Lead, and strike team leads to meet or exceed project goals
  • Field record new assets and sound effects
  • Edit and process voice over and music
  • Experience optimizing audio performance on PC and consoles


  • 1-2 years of experience working in the game industry
  • 1 shipped game as a Sound Designer or Audio QA
  • Ability and willingness to learn
  • Great foundational sound design skills
  • The ability to establish clear creative intentions through research, references, and documentation
  • Must be friendly, assertive, and open-minded to foster a positive work environment through comradery and collaboration
  • Strong communication and organizational skills and the ability to handle multiple tasks or projects simultaneously


  • A bachelor’s degree in relevant studies such as Audio Engineering
  • Post-production experience in other audio related fields such as television or film
  • Experience using Wwise, FMOD, Unity, and/or Unreal 4
  • A lifelong gamer with a passion for role playing games and interactive storytelling

Simply apply via e-mail:
Please put the job you are applying to in the subject line.

Sound Designer
Company: Valve Software
Location: Bellevue, WA, USA
Job description

We’re looking for an experienced sound designer and/or interactive audio “integrator” who can help us create sophisticated, emotionally-compelling audio experiences for a variety of media formats and products. You’ll collaborate with a team of broadly-skilled peers to make sound a powerful element in all current and future Valve products, from multimedia ads to video game consoles, PC, and on-line gaming.


  • Identifying audio opportunities and asset needs in Valve commercial and promotional products in a self-driven but collaborative manner
  • Conceptualizing, scheduling, designing, and producing high quality audio assets in accordance with the development and testing cycle of the product
  • Integrating audio in both linear and interactive forms with Valve products using proprietary software
  • Managing all necessary audio assets (sound files, scripts, models, etc.) associated with a product using the necessary software
  • Working with engineers and artists to understand and help develop cutting-edge, proprietary audio technologies
  • Testing, debugging, and assuring the functional quality of all audio in a given product


  • A Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) in digital and analog audio production or audio engineering
  • Five years of experience in:
    • Professional quality audio production and all related technologies
    • Game engine audio implementation technologies
    • Taking a video game or linear equivalent (e.g., film) from conception and development through publication and shipment

Please include a reel with your application that includes in-game examples of your audio design and implementation. Please outline the contributions you made to the project and which parts of the reel highlight the value you added to the piece.

Sound Designer
Company: Undead Labs
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Job description

Undead Labs is seeking a Sound Designer with extensive implementation experience to join our nimble and highly effective audio team. This position will split time between audio asset implementation and asset creation. Primary roles will include not only implementing audio, but also helping to create new methods to streamline our workflow that have potentially been overlooked. A big part of this will be digging into Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint system in order to help audio shine alongside visual effects in our game. While Blueprint experience isn’t a requirement, our ideal designer will be self-motivated and proactive in learning the system and be committed to diving into UE4.

Specific tasks of this position include:

  • Work with the art and programming teams to design audio implementation approaches
  • Navigate UE4 to create audio hooks, switches, and RTPCs
  • Create Wwise content pipelines and implement audio
  • Help monitor audio CPU usage, memory overhead, and bank structures
  • Collaborate with the audio team to record custom SFX


  • 3-6 years of experience
  • Extensive experience with Wwise
  • Experience with sound design and recording techniques
  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience working collaboratively with other disciplines to implement audio
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to gather and respond to feedback


  • Familiarity with Blueprint editing in Unreal Engine 4
  • Background in programming and scripting

Undead Labs is a studio that places a high value on diversity and individual responsibility. Our motto is “We are all adults, here.” We believe in finding people who excel in their individual fields and allowing them the freedom to perform at their peak. We place an emphasis on work-life balance, interpersonal skills, and respect. We hire developers who excel at communicating their ideas to others within the studio and who are excellent listeners. We operate in highly collaborative cross-discipline teams with the understanding that the best ideas are ones we come up with together.

Please submit your current resume and link to a demo reel to jobs (at) undeadlabs (dot) com

Audio Designer
Company: Spilt Milk Studio
Location: London, UK
Job description

Hello! We’re looking to pay people to work with us on a really unique game jam for 1-2 weeks. We’re looking for an Audio Designer.

You are:
Unity experienced Ideally able to be in London for the duration

Diverse applicants encouraged!

jobs (at) spiltmilkstudios (dot) com

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