Working in Sound: An interview with Gary Rydstrom – Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer & Director

Sound Designer Gary Rydstrom The Closing Credits Podcast has done an excellent interview with 7-time Oscar-winning Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer & Director Gary Rydstrom. Here’s Kristina Morss’ official introduction:
“Hello and welcome to episode 6 of The Closing Credits Podcast. Today, I interviewed 7 time Oscar winner, Gary Rydstrom. He is a director, sound designer, and re-recording mixer working at Skywalker Sound. You may recognize his work in Saving Private Ryan, Minority Report, Jurassic Park, Punch Drunk Love and Pixar films such as Toy Story and A Bug’s Life – the list really goes on and on. In this episode, we spoke about the recent Academy Award sound category change, working with directors, how to create rhythm within chaotic scenes, and how to tackle a scene from script to screen”
Hear the podcast here:
Via The Closing Credits Podcast


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