Working in Sound: The Sound of Hamilton

Hamilton sound The Soundworks Collection and The Dolby Institute takes you behind the sound for high-profile Broadway production Hamilton (now also available on Disney+), in this excellent feature. Here’s their official introduction:

“Hamilton is a landmark Broadway production of remarkable scope, now streaming into your home on Disney+. In producing the film version, the show’s creative team sought to give the audience “the best seat in the house,” and in this podcast we talk with original Broadway team artists Alex Lacamoire and Nevin Steinberg along with the film’s sound team Tony Volante, Roberto Fernandez, and Dan Timmons about a number of Hamilton topics.

These include the challenges of designing a custom sound system for the historic Richard Rodgers Theatre, translating the live show into a cinematic world, and how Dolby Atmos played a key part in giving the audience at home the transformative theatrical experience. We also review clips and discuss in detail the numbers Alexander Hamilton, Satisfied, and The Room Where It Happens.”


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